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Can I Still Tan While I have A Fake Tan On?

Now that summer is here, it’s time to put down the self-tanning products and go outside. There’s nothing quite like the sun-kissed glow achieved from the summertime sun. If you’ve spent all winter slathering on sunless tanner, however, you may be asking the question: does fake tan stop you getting a real tan? Thankfully, the […]

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Devin Brugman's skin glows in a St.Tropez tan

How To Brighten Dull Skin

When it comes to your complexion and the skin on your body, it is essential to properly care for yourself from head to toe. Everyone’s skin can take on a dull, tired and old-looking appearance. This can develop from a poor diet, indoor heating in winter, too many hours spent playing in the sun, smoking […]

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Are Self Tanning Products Natural and Organic?

What are Self Tanning Products? Self tanning products are capable of giving your skin a nice tan without having to be forced through damaging sun exposure. Self tanning products give the skin a healthy looking tan all over the skin. While self tanning products may assist with keeping the skin protected from the damaging effects […]

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How to Contour Your Face With Self-Tan

How To Contour Your Face With Self-Tanner

Contouring is one of the hottest makeup techniques in the world right now. It not only adds some sculptural dimension to your face, but it can give you a healthy, tanned look at the same time. There’s just one problem: makeup comes off every night. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long-lasting contour that […]

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Must-Haves Before You Self Tan At Home

Must-Haves Before You Self Tan At Home

Home tanning is one of the hottest beauty trends around. These products solve a big fashion problem. They allow users get the sun-worshipper look and glow with no skin cancer risk and in the comfort of your own home! And unlike the orange products of the past, today’s self-tanners can give you a very natural-looking […]

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