Advancements in the Self-Tan Universe

Advancements in the Self-Tan Universe

Sunless tanning is a world that’s perpetually shifting and adjusting. If you blink for a second, you may just miss some significant advancements in the realm. That’s great news for people who love it, too. If you adore nothing more than having a complexion that’s sun-kissed and bronze, you should welcome changes in the sunless tanning universe.

There are certain reputable sunless tanning brands that are always ahead of the rest of the pack. St. Tropez is one of them. This company is one that’s known for sunless tanning products that are modern, cutting-edge and reliable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of gradual tans, in-shower tanning formulas, bronzing mousses or anything else. It doesn’t matter if you prefer light tans, deep tans or tans that are somewhere in the middle, either. St. Tropez is a brand that can provide you with many exciting and effective choices. It’s a brand that can help you achieve any and all of your wildest sunless tanning objectives as well. People who are searching for fresh and interesting sunless tanning products, as a result, frequently reach for offerings from St. Tropez.

Sunless tanning has improved a lot since it was first introduced to the world. Older sunless tanning formulas often accomplished their goals by staining complexions. Newer ones, however, employed dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to give skin browner appearances. DHA is a chemical that’s extracted from sugar cane. DHA was given the “OK” by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) back in the seventies and remains a common sunless tanning staple to this day.

Sunless tanning products changed in a considerable way when the public realised that skin cancer was on the rise. Doctors made the connection between extensive sun exposure and skin cancer vulnerabilities. People who had significant contact with the sun were more susceptible to the hazards of skin cancer. They were more susceptible to a variety of ailments in general. This discovery triggered a major change in the sunless tanning world, and understandably so.

There have been other considerable changes in the sunless tanning realm since the beginning, too. Many people who tried sunless tanning formulas were put off by their strong odors. They were often put off by their conspicuous orange tones as well. That’s why sunless tanning manufacturers responded by creating products that didn’t have either of those problems. That took sunless tanning to a whole new level for people everywhere. People were no longer as reluctant to use sunless tanning products. They didn’t worry about looking orange as much. They didn’t worry about smelling strange, either.

Choices in sunless tanning products are more abundant and diverse than ever before. Consumers have so many options these days. They can select sunless tanners that are exclusively made to work on the face. They can select sunless tanners that are designed solely for the body as well. People don’t have to compromise like they did in the past. They can now create customised and convenient self tanning experiences that can suit their lifestyles and wishes perfectly.

If you’re a fan of sunless tanning products that look natural, St. Tropez has exactly what you need. This brand gives people access to many fantastic choices in tanning products. These products are contemporary. They can cater to all types of goals and preferences. If you want the people who see you to think that your glow is authentic and real, your finest bet is probably to reach for a product from St.Tropez. These products won’t leave you looking orange and bizarre. They won’t leave you smelling like an artificial tan in any way, either.


Australia has been the original tan since 1996 and an absolute favourite of celebrities, professionals and beauty editors Australia wide. With a wardrobe of choice providing natural looking, streak-free tans suited for every skin tone and type, our formulas are multi-award winning and salon-inspired. Over the years our forumlas have developed and are now paraben-free, easy-to-apply, contain 100% natural tanning agent, as well as innovative Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology for the ultimate tan with virtually no tell-tale aroma. Check out some of our most recent and favourite innovations below!


Advancements in the Self-Tan Universe


Gradual Tan

Our Gradual tans allow for a subtle sunkissed glow that you can build upon daily to achieve your desired depth of colour with no need to wash off! The gradual tanner is ideal for nervous or first time tanners seeking a product to fit into their daily beauty and skin care routine. While regular tanners use it just as frequently for a subtle, natural glow that will gradually build over time. The gradual tan contains less tanning agent than the Self Tan providing a lighter sunkissed glow and ideal for discreet tanning every day or every other day. Available in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, you’ll be able to find the perfect gradual tanner to introduce to your beauty routine for a natural, healthy looking glow!


In Shower Tan

Then with the popularity and success of the gradual tan, came the next generation: the St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower available in medium and a lighter lotion. Even easier for regular or beginning users to introduce into their daily routines, the In Shower Gradual Tan can be achieved during your morning or evening shower time in just 3 minutes for a natural, gradual glow and up to 24 hours of moisturisation. The tanning innovation includes an active blend of melanin technology for a deeper natural tan and faster developing with new Jojoba ester, a penetration enhancer that increases colour retention.


Self-Tan Innovation

While these new products are impressive themselves, even the basic St.Tropez Self-Tanners are worlds above any others on the market. Our latest self-tanners go deeper into the skin for a deeper and more natural appearing tan with up to 24 hours of moisturisation while the tan itself can still be seen 11 days after application. While the common hate of the classic self-tan smell is no longer an issue with St.Tropez with mood-enhancing fragrance including sparkling bergamont, clean water fruit with notes of apple, lavender and tuberose for a refreshing and clean smell.


Overall, St.Tropez are committed to the developing of self-tanning with our innovations team always working on new ways to better our products and solve common self-tan problems for the perfect, healthy glow!