Are Self Tanning Products Natural and Organic?

What are Self Tanning Products?

Self tanning products are capable of giving your skin a nice tan without having to be forced through damaging sun exposure. Self tanning products give the skin a healthy looking tan all over the skin. While self tanning products may assist with keeping the skin protected from the damaging effects of UVA sun rays, the products may still be damaging to the skin based on what they contain, just as any other beauty product. The best option for self tanning products to use on your skin are the ones made of natural and organic ingredients.

What are the Benefits of Using Natural and Organic Self Tanners?

The benefits of using self tanners that contain natural or organic ingredients is obvious to those who truly care about their skin. Self tanners can help to protect the skin star protected from harmful UV sun rays or damage from tanning beds. Self tanners can be made of harmful chemicals though, which can be just as bad as being exposed to harmful UV rays. Parabens in skin care and beauty products have begun to be considered harmful by experts as there is evidence they interfere with hormones in the body. Down the line parabens could cause reproductive, testicular, or breast cancer similarly to how harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer.

Selecting a self tanner that is made of natural and organic ingredients is healthier for your skin than choosing something with harmful chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients are typically more gentle and nourishing for the skin. When used in self tanners, natural ingredients typically allow the skin to breath far better as well under the spray tanner.

St.Tropez Tan Self Tanner Company

St.Tropez is an award winning self tanner brand dedicated to making natural ingredient self tanners with a natural look with a range of self tanners in a range of tan shades you can select from. From sun kissed tans all the way up to dark bronzy tans, these self tanning products are also as streak free as possible, so their customers have long lasting, natural and healthy looking tans!

St.Tropez self tanners have been awarded recognition by a variety of beauty magazines. The self tanner has been given beauty awards from Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Stylist magazines. Models and other celebrities have also given the product its name as you’ll often find a St.Tropez self tan on red carpets, celebrity events and the runway. Who doesn’t want a self tan worn by our fave celebs?!

The company’s natural and organic ingredient filled self tanners come in different forms for customers to select from. St.Tropez sells mousse, lotion, and spray self tanners. These various options allows customers to choose the form they like the most for their self tanner application and each have different benefits for all skin types so you can protect and moisturise your skin with natural, healthy ingredients. We’ve shared some helpful tips in choosing the right solution for your skin here!

St.Tropez Self Tanner Products

St.Tropez self tanner products contain many skin nourishing and healthy ingredients such Aloe vera, natural emollients, and minerals. Perhaps most importantly, all of our products are paraben free. The focus on natural ingredients keeps the skin looking beautifully healthy, while the tanner makes the skin appear sun kissed and beautifully tanned.

The aloe vera in the St. Tropez self tanner products works as a moisturising and skin protecting ingredient. Aloe vera is a multi-use skin care ingredient. Aloe is capable of treating inflamed, ageing, burned, and dry skin types. It is also a lightweight product, so it doesn’t clog up pores or feel too heavy on the surface of the skin. It’s perfect for making self tanners products light and nourishing at the same time.

The St.Tropez self tanner products additionally utilise natural emollients and minerals in their products. These ingredients help to induce more collagen production. More collagen production helps to make the skin look fresh and more youthful appearing. When you are using a self tanner, you are likely showing some skin and will want to have a more youthful, healthy appearance!

How to Apply the St. Tropez Self Tanners

Applying St.Tropez self tanners is simple enough. While the key is to a healthy, natural tan is to prep your skin. Be sure to wash off your body before applying a spray tanner. Exfoliate the skin so the dry patches of your skin will be smoother. Freshly exfoliated skin allows for the self tanner to properly adhere onto the skin. Dry off your skin fully after washing and exfoliating.

Next you ought to apply some St.Tropez moisturiser onto your body. This will help to finish prepping your skin and to alleviate dry and rough patches. Allow the moisturiser to settle over your skin before applying the self tanner.

Select the right St.Tropez self tanner for your needs. If you are using a mousse or lotion self tanner, apply it onto your skin using an application mitt. After applying wait a few minutes before you put on clothes or touching your skin. Wait four hours before getting your skin wet or exercising.

Your natural St.Tropez tan can last up to two weeks with careful preparation and maintenance while the products will leave your skin feeling moisturised and supple for 48 hours post tan application!

Conclusion on Self Tanners with Natural and Organic Ingredients

St.Tropez creates the self tanners you need to create a natural tan look with the use of natural and organic ingredients. The St.Tropez company is proof that you can have a natural appearing tan from a self tanner. The added bonus of the self tanners from the St.Tropez brand containing skin loving ingredients like aloe vera, natural emollients, and minerals is yet another reason to look into this company when you have self tanner on your beauty shopping list.