What is Aromaguard and How Does it Work?

A good self tanning product will leave users with a gorgeous, summery, natural looking glow, but the smell that golden glow with has traditionally left something to be desired. It seems like the majority of tanning products have a lingering odour that seems to stay around a little too long. Luckily, this s not the case when it comes to St.Tropez! St.Tropez can users a natural looking, virtually odour free tan with their advanced Aromaguard fragrance technology.

When it comes to self tanning sprays and lotions, the active ingredient that creates the tan is also the source of their distinctive odour. Dihydroxyacetone, called DHA for short, reacts with the surface layer of skin to produce colour. This is why sunless tans fade over time – as skin sheds dead surface cells, the colour is shed along with them. DHA is made from things like sugar beets, sugar cane, or glycerin, but its scent is anything but sweet. People frequently describe the odour of most self tanners as unpleasant. This is an unfortunate consequence of using DHA to darken skin, but the St.Tropez pioneering Aromaguard formula gives users a way to get a sunless tan without having to smell like one.

Aromaguard is more than a scent masking technology. It is made with scents that reach the nose before the odour causing molecules of DHA do, blocking out the typical “self-tanning stink” with ingredients that last as long as the colour does. It is also light enough not to compete with perfumes or scented lotions– while it may smell stronger at first application, the scent dissipates the longer it’s worn. In the end, sunless tanning devotees get a natural looking glow with none of the unpleasant odours associated with most other sunless tanning products. When these products are properly used, most observers even have a hard time telling the difference between “fake baked” skin and a regular suntan.

Lounging in a booth or outdoors can give users a lovely tan, but the adverse effects of tanning (including premature skin aging, burns, and melanoma) are well documented. Self-tanning is a great way for a person to boost their confidence and enhance their appearance by getting a healthy, sun-kissed glow without having to expose their skin to damaging UV rays. By using St.Tropez products with Aromaguard fragrance technology, users no longer have to worry about being self-conscious about the smell of their tanner or struggling to cover up the odour.