Award Winning!

According to a recent survey conducted by Canstar Blue, about 80% of respondents prefer the way they look with a great tan. However, health concerns including skin cancer, leathery skin, and other long-term side effects are forcing many consumers to reconsider this beauty habit and look into alternative methods to achieve their favorite look.

With a startling amount and variety of products on the market all making the same self-tanning claims, Canstar Blue steps up to guide consumers in the right direction for their wants and needs. According to Canstar Blue’s website, their quippy tagline is “by consumers, for consumers.” Canstar Blue uses a survey method to stick by their motto and asks consumers to rate top self-tanning products, finalizing their result by awarding the highest-rated consumer picks.

St.Tropez won the Canstar Blue awards this year, dominating the big-brand competition in 4 of the surveyed categories, earning the highest available five star rating in quality of colour, drying time, necessary applications, and how long the tan lasts. All of which are valuable parts of the self-tanning experience! These top scores led to a five star overall customer satisfaction rating and the award itself. St.Tropez offers a variety of products to help consumers get their look just right, from lotions and sprays to oils and mousses, they are sure to have the award-winning product that fits their consumer’s lifestyle.

It is an absolute honor for St.Tropez to earn the Canstar Blue Award. These awards are the kind that a consumer can truly put their trust in because the products are reviewed by real people without an agenda, bottom-line, or expensive marketing department. Their only goal is to pass on an evaluation of product quality and performance to their peers. Knowing that makes the award earned by St.Tropez’s self-tanning products even more valuable, honorable, and distinguishing, because the consumer has taken the time to rate these products above the other big brand competitors.