The Benefits of Using a Tanning Tent

If you’re a fan of spray tanning, you’ve likely had to deal with the mess that’s associated with this beauty trend. Using a spray tan often means inadvertently covering the surrounding area with the dye residue. A tanning tent can eliminate this problem because it protects your workspace from overspray. There are multiple advantages to using a spray tan tent at home or in a professional salon.

The main benefit to purchasing a spray tanning tent is that it will protect your furniture, walls, floors and possessions from spills or stains. Regardless of how much spray you use, any excess will only cover the inside of the tent. You can avoid the time-consuming cleanup process and simply swipe a wet cloth across the inner walls of your portable unit. In a professional setting, this means freeing up time for other clients.

When it comes to running a mobile tanning service, a spray tan tent is essential. You will no longer have to worry about destroying a client’s belongings and potentially losing future business. Bringing your own booth to appointments also demonstrates professionalism. It’s the perfect way to let your clients know you run a high-quality and efficient business and you care about the customer’s needs.

Do-it-yourself tanning enthusiasts can benefit from these protective units as well. Because the mist is targeted toward the skin instead of blowing around the work area, the result is a more even tan. A spray tanning tent can also travel with you no matter where you go. You can essentially transform any space into your own private and convenient tanning salon.

There are numerous spray tan tents on the market, but not all products are equal. The St.Tropez tanning tent is the perfect choice for self-tanning fans or professionals. Its durable, waterproof fabric is easy to wipe clean, and the lightweight construction and pop-up device make setup and removal effortless. This spacious tent also has a clear top panel for maximum brightness in any setting.

Spray tanning is the easiest, safest and quickest way to achieve a radiant tan, but preventing the overspray can be difficult. A compact tanning tent creates a protective shield so that you can tan virtually anywhere. Whether you want to use it at home, in a professional salon or on the go, a pop-up spray tan tent is a handy solution to a messy problem.