Pregnancy and Tanning

With the increased awareness of the damaging rays of the sun, many women are turning to sunless tanners. If you’re pregnant, you may wonder about the safety of using self tanners and the health of your unborn baby. It’s best to avoid the sun while pregnant. Even if you use a sunscreen, you can still […]

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Protect Your Skin This Winter

When the weather gets cold and the days get short, it can be hard to maintain that dewy summer glow. It is possible, however, to make it through the long winter months with moisturised, young looking skin. With a few products and some healthy lifestyle choices, your skin can look great every month of the […]

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Should You Go Darker Or Lighter This Winter?

Getting a winter tan is a simple process, but you must get a tan that is appropriate for the fashion season. People who tan regularly are not getting the same tan every year, and you must choose between a dark or light tan this year. This article explains how you can go dark or light […]

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Classic Bronzing Mist

Classic Bronzing Mist is the St. Tropez spray tan that’s guaranteed to offer a streak-free, stunning glow every time you apply. It’s guaranteed to give you beautiful, no-streak results time and time again. Created to provide perfect, even colour, Classic Bronzing Mist will dry in just sixty seconds. Our St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist spray […]

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Ten Ways to Keep Your Skin Glow in Autumn

Just how can you keep your summer skin glow when the leaves start to fall from the trees? Here are ten ways to keep that glow going in autumn. Number One: Flush out toxins and fluids, improve your circulation, and exfoliate by using a dry body brush every day. Starting at the ankles and brushing […]

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Body Contouring the St. Tropez Way

Self Tan Body Contouring is a beautiful way to achieve a sleek and stunning beach body, and replicate the bronze Brazilian booty. Doable at home, mastering this sexy look is growing in popularity. As St. Tropez Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert Jules Heptonstall attests, whether its men looking for contoured abs or women using contouring […]

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10 Steps To A Perfect Tan

Here they are, our absolutely top 10 tips to ensure your tan is perfectly gorgeous for as long as possible… 1. If you’re a tanning addict, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven result. Our Tan Build Up Remover Mitt’s are perfect for […]

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Top 20 Reasons to Spray Tan

If, unlike us, you’re not already in love with Spray Tanning then we have 20 reasons to change your mind. Spray Tans aren’t just better for your health, but they have heaps of benefits. Take a look: 1. Hides blemishes, spots and scars. 2. Camouflages pregnancy stretch marks. 3. Creates the illusion of a slimmer […]

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Waxing & Tanning

Waxing and tanning can really go hand in hand. Getting a wax is a wonderful way to exfoliate your skin before a tan. Well exfoliated skin responds much better to tan colour and can also better absorb the product for an even toned and long lasting fake tan. Talk about a match made in heaven! […]

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