Choosing the Right Equipment

Spray tans offer people appearance benefits and health advantages, so if you’re considering entering the industry, then you can feel confident in the service that spray tanning companies provide. Today, you can offer mobile spray tanning services. Therefore, when the warm months arrive and beach enthusiasts show up to exhibit their tone bodies, they can enhance their appearance even more by getting a spray tan from your company. To start your business, you’ll require basic spray tan equipment, accessories and marketing products.

Basic Equipment Recommendations

To get started, you’ll need a High Volume Low Pressure, or HVLP, machine. The equipment item is manufactured from lightweight frames, which makes it ideal for brick and mortar shops as well as for portable businesses. If you intend to open your business in a permanent location, then you’ll have access to more equipment options while portable businesses are limited to spray guns. For convenience, consider using a traditional spray booth because they feature automatic settings. Booths are also easy to maintain.

An extractor fan is another equipment item that you should purchase for your spray tan business as the device collects the surplus particles from each spray tan that you provide. Extractor fans also purify the surrounding air. If you decide to go into the portable spray tan industry, then you’ll need a tent to provide treatments for your clients.

Advertising Tips 

Be sure to take advantage of social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to advertise your service. Also, create a website and print client cards as well as loyalty cards for your returning customers. Posters are another advertising option. The marketing tool is easy to use since you can place them in strategic locations.


For the comfort of your clients, be sure to provide gloves, hats and sticky feet. Latex-free gloves will prevent people’s hands from becoming stained by the spray solution while hats are used to keep strands of hair from interfering with a customer’s spray tan. The product will protect a person’s hair, and they are large enough to cover the hairstyles of those who have long locks. Sticky feet are handy because they protect the bottom of people’s feet. The items attach with an adhesive that is safe for the skin and easy to peel off after the conclusion of a spray tanning session.

Final Considerations 

To increase your profit potential and support your business during the off-season, consider selling merchandise. Offer products that are made by well-known companies, and include items that your customers can use year-round. By investing in the proper products and equipment, you can build a successful spray tanning business.