Dressing after your tan!

Remember your self tan will need time to dry completely before you can get dressed, we recommend waiting about 10-15 minutes to reduce the risk of staining your clothes with your tan. We would always advise that you wear loose, dark clothing after your tan to prevent marking your tan with tight straps. If any tan does stain your clothes you will most likely be able to wash it off in the machine or simply hand wash the stained area if your outfit is made of a delicate fabric. However, it’s always a good idea to wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty in the very unlikely case that any stains can’t be removed.

Try to avoid touching your skin while your tan develops, which can take between 6-8 hours, or 1-3 depending on which tanning solution you have chosen. Many people like to leave their tan on overnight to ensure that it has had enough time to fully develop. If you choose to do this be aware that your bed sheets may become discoloured if you’re spray tan hasn’t fully dried.  If you tend to sweat at night it’s possible that some product will be transmitted onto your sheets. Again, any colour transfer should come off in the wash.