Beautifully Bronzed: Fair-Skinned People can Achieve That Sunkissed Look

There is something special about tanned skin. You know that the right tan can alter your appearance positively, but you might not know why. A study showed that an adequately tanned individual will look more attractive and healthy. It also showed that most people with a tan experience a confidence-boost. The only thing that you have to worry about is how to achieve that perfect bronze look.

Achieving That Bronze Look for Fair-Skinned People

There are two types of fair-skinned people: the freckled type and the type with light eye colours. Both types need to approach tanning in a specific way to ensure that it does not cause them to look like a carrot, which usually happens to those with freckled skin.

Those with light eye colours might end up with a tan that does not match the lightness of their eyes.

The key here is to use a self-tanning product like St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. The product is perfect for both types of skin because it does not need to stay on too long, and the tan won’t be aggressive, which helps achieve that sun-kissed look.

The product is paraben-free for those who might be worried about that. It also uses Aloe Vera to give you a long-lasting and healthy tan. It should be noted that the product does not leave a strong self-tanning odour that you might get from other products.

You should start seeing your bronze tan within a few minutes of application, but it is recommended that it stays on for at least four hours.

Olive-Like Skin Needs a Little Colour, Too

If you have olive skin, you get to play around with darker tan colours, which could be quite exciting. The colour should bounce off your hair perfectly. The key to getting a dark tan right is making sure that the colour is deep and rich. This is why the Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse needs to be considered.

It contains similar ingredients to the regular mousse mentioned earlier, though it does have ingredients that help it self-adjust to your skin. It is this property that promises natural and even tanning all around as long as it is applied correctly.

The dark, deep, and rich dark tan occurs due to the formula and its specific melanin stimulant properties. It is these properties that will make you fall in love with this particular product.

The mousse does work in a few minutes but will intensify in three hours, so get ready for a surprise. Keep in mind that the scent of the self-tanning mousse is controlled by the Aromaguard technology.

The Aromaguard technology, which many St.Tropez products use give the formula an almost refreshing scent that is bound to turn heads. Apparently, the technology is so strong that it removes about 70 per cent of the self-tanning scent that you might be familiar with.

Of course, the refreshing scent can be paired with other scents like flower-citrus blends, just in case you want a touch of ‘you’ in the aroma you give off.

Sticking to a Year-Round Bronze Look

The two previously mentioned products work great, but they are temporary solutions. Some people like to keep that bronze look the entire year without worrying about reverting back to pale skin.

If you want that tanned glow the entire year, you should be happy to know that there is an answer, which lies with the St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion. There are a number of aspects of self-tanning that this particular product addresses simply and effectively. Remember that this shower gel does not contain parabens and also has a non-streak formula. If you have used several self-tanning solutions, you probably know that one of the things that plagues self-tanning formulas is their tendency to streak, which makes the tan look completely unnatural and embarrassing. This is something that you will not have to worry about with the shower lotion, which contains an anti-streaking formula aided by the moisture on your skin.

The first aspect that should be pointed out is how little it intervenes with a person’s overall schedule. You know that most self-tanning products need to be applied a certain amount of time after shower. The product needs a few minutes to dry, too. You do not have to worry about that with the shower lotion.

All you have to do is apply the lotion after you finish cleaning and exfoliating your skin. The radical thing is you do not have to leave the warmth of your shower to apply the lotion; just do it right there. The lotion contains a formula that is actually activated by water. You only need to wait three minutes; then the formula will fully activate and tan your skin.

The glow is gradual but will look very natural. The ability to take care of this in the shower should free up more of your time. This is an important feature to point out, especially if you live a very busy lifestyle.

Another great thing to remember about this particular product is that it moisturises the skin for 24-hr. The formula traps moisture in the skin to give it elasticity, preventing premature wrinkles and helps produce that natural skin glow that every person wants.

You do not have to use much of the product at a time, so it should last a long time while providing that glow that you have been wishing for all year-round.

There are some specific instructions that you should use to make sure that you get that bronzed look you have been wishing for. The first is to make sure that you apply the lotion to your body in circular motions. The dampness of your skin and the formula’s natural texture will lather quite nicely, making it easy to apply.

You want to clean your hands after applying the lotion using a warm water. All you have to do now is wait three minutes. You can rinse off the formula when the three minutes are up. The formula will darken your skin with each application. It is recommended that you use the formula three times whenever you decide to tan your skin.

The bronzed look will stay for a long time, though it does depend on the amount of showers you take. Keep in mind that you need to exfoliate gingerly every time you shower to ensure that the tan fades evenly when it finally begins to go away.

Most people tend to use a tanning bed or other means of achieving that perfect bronze look, but this takes a lot of time. Most of you are probably too busy to take a trip to the tanning salon, not to mention some of negative risks associated with using tanning salons a little too often. This is definitely a safer and least time-consuming route for you.

Sure, some women shy away form self-tanning formulas, but the St. Tropez collection has addressed some of the most glaring issues with self-tanning products like the scent, the streaks, and how time-consuming the application process can be.

Be sure that you purchase application tools so that you can ensure that you reach all the areas of your body evenly when applying any of the products mentioned here. One great tool is a back lotion applicator. A few mirrors might be helpful in this situation as well unless you have a supportive partner or friend who does not mind applying the St. Tropez self-tanning formula of your choice.

As you can see, achieving the bronze-look is a lot easier than you might have imagined.