How to Remove Fake Tan

How to Remove Fake Tan

Fake tans usually never last more than a couple of weeks, so letting them fade naturally is always the easiest way to get rid of them. But, sometimes fake tan nightmares come true- maybe your tan turned out way too dark, maybe it turned out streaky or maybe it left you looking like an oompa-loompa with a bright orange glow. Whatever the reason you want to remove fake tan before it fades naturally, you should make sure you are using a tried and true method. In order to avoid streaking, you want to remove the fake tan as carefully as you applied it. So, before you vigorously go after your skin with a bar of soap, check out some of these methods below. All of these methods to remove fake tan are safe and effective.
Here are some of the best ways to remove fake tan:

1. A Citrusy Squeeze

Lemon juice’s naturally acidic properties can be very useful when you want to remove fake tan. For this technique, you can cut the lemon in half and apply it to your body like you would a bar of soap. You will find that the fake tan glides off fairly easily. Because lemons are so small, this method is great for evening out the areas where the tan is too concentrated, such as the elbows, ankles and palms. A lemon wedge slice is also excellent for removing the tan that gets built up between the fingers.
If the whole tan needs to go, try mixing some lemon with some raw sugar (brown usually works best) to create a DIY exfoliant. Rub the solution all over your body and then rinse off with warm water.

2. Baking Soda Miracle Worker

Baking soda seems to be the fix all ingredient for many household mishaps, and with spray tans it’s no exception.
During this method to remove fake, you will be creating a paste to rub on your skin by mixing the baking soda with water. You want the consistency to be close to that of peanut butter-somewhat thick but still spreadable, but definitely not watery.
You’ll want to leave the solution on for 20-30 minutes before you start scrubbing it off. This is a great solution if for those who want to feel some relaxing skin relief, as baking soda also works to alleviate rashes and stings.

3. The ol’ shower or bath method

If DIY pastes and exfoliants are not your thing, it certainly is possible to remove your spray tan with some soap and water. You can use whatever soap, gel or cream you normally use to shower to remove fake tan, but it is preferable to use one that has little micro beads in it that are good at exfoliating. Also, be sure to use a loofa as this will make your job much easier and it’ll ensure those hard to reach places on your backside are not neglected.
However, if the tan has already had time to set a shower with soap and water is usually not the most effective method, as spray tans are meant to resist soap and water. While this will certainly expedite the fading process, do not expect the tan to be completely removed, unless you had a tanning disaster and are showering a few hours within getting the tan done.

4. Baby Oil’s not Just for Babies

Applying baby oil is also an excellent method to remove fake tan that is both cost-effective and simple. You can add some to bath water so the tan slips off smoothly, rub some on your skin while showering or buy some wipes to get at the more stubborn spots. An added bonus to baby oil is that not only is it an effective method to remove fake tan, it also leaves your skin soft,smooth and glowing!


5. Hit the Pool

How about getting in some exercise while removing your tan at the same time? If you have access to a chlorinated pool, this is a great idea. The chlorine chemical in swimming pools can help to break down the spray tan.

If you want to take it a step further, hit up the steam room or sauna after doing a few laps, as the temperature in these rooms will also help prep the skin for easy spray tan removal.

While pools and saunas are great for prepping the skin, they are not effective alone in removing spray tans. If you are looking to go this route, it is best to follow up your swim and sauna routine with one of the methods already mentioned.

7. Wipe It, Wipe it Good

While this method is not the most effective way to remove fake tan that has already set in, cleansing wipes or facial wipes are a great way to start the tan removal process by wiping away that top layer that hasn’t had a chance to fully soak into your skin yet.
They are also great if you need a quick fade but do not have access to or do not have the time to fully shower or bath your skin.

Many wipes are specifically designed for your face, and this can be great if you went a shade too dark in that area.

Just like the swimming pool though, it is best to combine the wiping method with another one of the methods for optimal results.

So whether your spray tan was a complete disaster and the whole thing has to go or you just need to clean up a few problem areas, there are clearly a lot of easy-to-do method that are cheap and effective. Remember though that most fake tan products aren’t built to last for more than a couple weeks, so the fading process pretty much begins immediately. So if the color seems too dark initially, you may want to be patient and give it a day or two before you start scrubbing away.

Always remember to exfoliate your skin in between spray tans too, as fake tan always hold better on skin that is fresh and smooth rather than skin that is dry and dead. So, if you are hesitant to try a spray tan, there is really no need to worry, as any damage done can be easily fixed!