LFW – Mary Katrantzou Trend Report

The Tectonic Tan. This afternoon at London Fashion Week St.Tropez took their cue from the tectonic shifts of the Earth’s plates with a soft breath of a tan that was as ephemeral as the planetary elements themselves.

“Continuing Mary’s theme of Pangaea, Panthalassa and Earthly tectonic shifts, we fused two of St.Tropez’s core products to create a hyper hydrated, soft breath of beautiful colour that retained a light, airy quality,” said St.Tropez Global Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert, Nichola Joss.

The soft and incredibly hydrating tan was created by mixing St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser with St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion Light/Medium and then buffed all over to give skin the healthy “breath of fresh air” that Mary requested.

Step 1
Squeeze St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser and St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion Light/Medium together onto a St.Tropez Applicator Mitt ; 3 parts Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser with 1 part Instant Tan Lotion.

Step 1
Squeeze the St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt together to mix the two lotions and create a soft, delicate colour.

Step 1
Use the St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt to buff the mixture into the skin to create a perfectly polished, fresh finish.