Professional Looking Body Contouring Using Self-Tanner

Professional Looking Body Contouring Using Self-Tanner

Self-tanner can make an average woman look sublime. By carefully building colour in areas that need to be slimmed and then leaving areas light that should pop, women can create a voluptuous silhouette. Applying self-tanner should be like painting the Mona Lisa, not head to toe orange. Here are the simple steps that will explain how to use self-tanner to body contour.

Exfoliate From Head to Toe

By now, most people know that exfoliating is the key to a flawless self-tanner application. Self-tanner will cling to dead skin creating a muddy streaky mess. So, shave those legs, rub down those knees and gently scrub those faces. Many exfoliators exist, but a great one is St. Tropez Body Polish.


Moisturise Everywhere, But Use Extra on the Areas That Should Pop

Just like contouring with makeup, the idea of contouring with self-tanner is to leave pale the areas that should pop, and darken with tanner the areas that should be slimmed. To achieve this, moisturiser is the key. Moisturiser will dilute the self-tanner so that it cannot be absorbed into the skin. So extra rich moisturisers should be applied to ankles, elbows and knees to prevent over-pigmentation. Extra moisturiser should also be applied to the décolletage, dérriere, and cheekbones so that these areas stand out. We recommend our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser for the best results.

Build Colour in Areas that Should Be Slimmed

Once self-tanner is applied with a mitt over the entire body, it can be reapplied in an hour to specific areas to create the illusion of shadows. Using a light hand or a sponge to better control application, extra self-tanner can be applied under the cheekbones and around the edges of the face to create a long lasting contouring effect. Trouble spots can be concealed or camouflaged by applying another round of self-tanner to the stomach area, thighs, and upper arms to create the illusion of slimness.

Add Shimmer or Oil to Finish the Look

Oil based lotions will break down self-tanner. They can be used to enhance the body contouring and to smooth transitions between layered tanner and bare areas. Once the application is perfect, a shimmer lotion such as St. Tropez Violet Illuminator can be used to further enhance voluminous areas such as décolletage and cheekbones, without affecting the rest of the self-tanner.