Tanning Your Back

Worried you can’t get an even self tan on your back? If you’re willing to get just a little crafty you can have that perfectly even tan all over your body! Using a few tools of your own and perhaps a little help from a friend, you can discover a wonderful back tan you’ll want to apply again and again.

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends
If you have a friend or roommate nearby who can help you apply your tanner to your back region, ask for their assistance! Have them put on a tanning mitt and massage your product of choice onto your back a little bit at a time. Ask them to avoid any areas you’ve recently previously covered to steer clear of a patchy finish. When they’re finished applying the tanning solution, take a quick look in the mirror to make sure they coated you to your liking and you can take it from there.

Get Flexed
If you happen to be flexible you can apply self tanner to your back all by yourself. However it may take a little practice to get things covered. Don’t worry if it feels a little on the awkward side the first time, just like any other activity it gets easier with practice. It helps if you’re able to see your back, so have a full-length mirror on hand to get the best coverage. It also helps to place your hand in a tanning mitt and put a little bit of product on the underside. This way your can apply the tan using the back of your hand and avoid your palm. The stretch is less uncomfortable than the other way around and you can avoid applying unevenly!

Time To Get Crafty
No one to help? Not flexible enough to get the whole job done yourself? Think outside the box – there is always a solution! Some fake tanners use cling wrap to apply the product to their backs. All you need is rub a small amount of product to the cling wrap and begin to slowly and gently rub it on your back like you would a towel when coming out of the shower. Foam brushes or a tanning mitt attached to a long wooden kitchen spoon can give you that bit of extra reach you need to finish your back tan successfully.