Tanning Tricky Spots

It can sometimes be tough to tan certain parts of the body. Accessing the elbows, back and underarms isn’t always too easy. These suggestions may be able to make it a lot easier for you to tan those tricky areas, however. If you want your elbows, back and underarms to have a lovely glow courtesy of St.Tropez self-tan products, perfection is indeed within your reach, no pun intended.
Seek assistance from a friend. If you want your back to look evenly tan, recruit a buddy. Help from another person should work like a charm. Friends aren’t always available, however. If that’s the case, opt for a self tanning applicator mitt or old cloth. Apply your tanning formula on the top of the mitt or cloth. Doing this should be able to help you get the control necessary to tan your back in a nice and even manner. All you have to do is gently move the mitt or cloth from side to side on your back.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience knee, elbow and ankle self tans that look strangely dark. If you want to steer clear of that pitfall, make a point to hydrate and exfoliate these areas of the skin prior to product application. If you slough off tired and dead old skin cells, you should be able to reduce the possibility of unsightly darkness and unevenness.


Make a point to apply tanning product to your underarms. Just don’t forget to gently dab this area using a lightly moistened cloth after application. This extra step should be able to give your armpit area a more subtle tan appearance.


It often can be pretty difficult to tan faces properly as well. This is because facial skin isn’t the same as the skin located elsewhere. If you want to apply the same exact tanning formula on your face and physique, put a light layer on your visage. Do the same to your neck. Give these areas the opportunity to thoroughly dry. You should be good to go with the rest of your body after this.


The skin located close to the hairline can often be rather difficult. It can be especially tricky for people who have fairer locks. Tanning products can sometimes affect the colour of lighter hair. Thankfully, you can keep this annoying problem at bay by putting a small amount of moisturiser directly on the hairline.