Year Round Protection From The Sun Is The Best Defense

Year Round Protection From The Sun Is The Best Defence

A common mistake people are making when it comes to their skincare is not protecting themselves from the sun year round. Putting on sunscreen during the summertime or on a holiday at the beach is an obvious choice we all make. We do it to prevent sun damage and to keep our delicate skin from burning to a bright red tone, but why are we not doing the same during the colder months? It is a myth that the sun’s UV rays are not as damaging during winter. In fact studies show that the sun is just as powerful when it is cowering behind clouds as it is when high in the sky. If it can penetrate clouds it can most certainly penetrate your skin. The solution is to simply take that extra step in your routine and add sunscreen year round.
Sunscreen uses a special combination of ingredients that works as a barrier for your skin from those harmful UV rays. Our skin naturally already has its own version of SPF called melanin. Unfortunately due to overexposure in the sun melanin can ware off. That’s where sunscreen comes in. Sunscreen with a high concentrate of SPF in it can help strengthen that melanin in your skin to keep it safe. Over time the sun has become stronger, raising your risk for serious skin conditions so proper protection has never been more important.Even in the winter UV rays can easily penetrate the skin which can cause a wide range of problems for you, especially skin cancer. Skin Cancer is the most preventable form of cancer with the right routine. Incorporating sunscreen into your daily plan will greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer. Overexposure to the sun can also cause dark spots on the skin as well as premature wrinkling as the sun burns through your melanin and elasticity.

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