Instant Tan Finishing Gloss 100ml

Give your skin an instant high shine and luminous effect with our no-commitment wash off formula.

  • Perfect for adding the finishing touch to an outfit or look
  • Quick, easy to apply and streak-free
  • Gives an instant touch of bronze and a lasting glossy effect
  • Easily layered on its own to achieve your desired shine effect
  • Or use to enhance an existing tan

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Apply to dry skin with or without a Mitt. Wash hands after use.
You will instantly have a high shine finihsh with a hint of bronze. For a higher shine, layer as desired. To remove, simply wash off with soap and water.

Ingredients: Octyldodecanol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ethylcellulose, Parfum (Fragrance), Mica, CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Jojoba Esters, Anise Alcohol, Coumarin, Trihydroxystearin.

32 reviews for Instant Tan Finishing Gloss 100ml

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  1. Emily

    I have been wowed by this product, it gives such a lovely skin finish that no other product I have used has given me before. The texture is wonderful, not sticky at all and glides onto the skin super easy. Leaving behind a welcome touch of color and a fabulous sheen. I used it on a night out to finish off my look applying over the top of my usual self tan, it gave wonderful definition to my legs, especially in pictures! Highly recommend for anyone with an event or night out with the girls coming up.

  2. Phoebe

    I saw this was used at London Fashion Week this year for the first time and could not wait to get my hands on it, the gloss made the models look glowing on the catwalk! It says you can apply over a tan or on its own. I didn’t have any tan on so I just applied it to my skin, it gave a hint of bronze that easily blended into the skin and a high sheen. I layered a little more on my collar bones and shoulders to highlight and was ready to go. What makes it so great is that is lasts up to 24 hours and can be washed off easily. St.Tropez have done it again! Amazing product!

  3. Tamara

    Absolutely love this product, it has become a firm addition to my going out routine. I cannot wait to use it in the summer for the races and weddings I have planned. It is comfortable on the skin, non-sticky, none of that horrible glitter and lasts for the whole night, making my skin look super healthy. Fab product, I will be purchasing more!

  4. Jessica

    Great way to finish off my skin for an evening out. And perfect for highlighting parts of the body like my collar bones, light reflects of it beautifully. Such a unique product!

  5. Lucy

    I was lucky enough to be on the St.Tropez VIP Beauty Panel so was sent this product to try before it launched. And my conclusion is it is fantastic! Honestly hands down the best new product I have tried this year. I have not seen anything like this on the market, and can’t wait to use it again. Made my skin look healthy and glow all night long.

  6. Katie

    St.Tropez sent this to me through their VIP Beauty Panel and I am so grateful to have been able to try such a great product first! It gives such a lovely finish to my skin and the packaging is stunning. Great product. I will be re-purchasing.

  7. Eva

    I was cautious at first when I received this product, I thought it might feel sticky and uncomfortable to wear however it completely surprised me and now I am hooked! It is such a lovely product to wear and finishes my skin off perfectly, it looks so good on my legs and collarbones. I can’t wait to use it for my work Christmas party next weekend, going to make a fab addition to my outfit. Thank you St.Tropez!

  8. Sarah Hughes

    It matches perfectly with my already naturally tanned complexion, giving me an extra boost of shimmer when my skin looks drab. Absolutely fabulous.

  9. Jessica Swift

    I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Beauty Panellist! – today I was delivered this lovely instant tan along with the St.Tropez Applicator Mitt.

    At first I was a bit cautious as to how it would take to my skin, as a fair few fake tan products I’ve tried tends to dry my skin out leaving it patchy. – this wasn’t the case! It buffed on so smoothly, not leaving any streaks.

    After a full application of this instant tan today I now have a lovely, natural glow! Thankyou.

    I am really impressed!

  10. Karen

    I was one of the first to try this amazing product, and oh my goodness I am 100% happy with the results! It applies with a sheer glossy finish and it looks so good on legs. I used it on top of my favourite Classic Mousse and it gave me a beautiful added sheen! I’m totally going to be reaching for this bottle for all my christmas parties this year.

  11. Lauren Beswick

    I was lucky enough to be sent this to try from the VIP beauty panel! It smells amazing like all St.Tropez products do-no horrible fake tan smell. I loved the way it looked on my legs on top of the in the shower tan. I will definitely be using this for my Christmas party in a few weeks! Thank you St.Tropez.

  12. Katie Thompson

    Just tried my finishing gloss and omg it’s amazing!!! I applied it over day old tan (used the express tan) and it gave me a gorgeous glossy bronze colour!! It’s like an all over highlighter! Perfect for nights out/parties I love it. Will defo be buying this as one of my tan essentials.

  13. Kayleigh Tanner

    I’m very pale, and lots of fake tan products are way too orange on me, or make my skin look dull and muddy. I wore this gloss over bare skin (with no fake tan) and I’m so impressed with the results – it has just the slightest hint of colour when it’s rubbed in (don’t be alarmed by how dark it is when it comes out of the tube) and it makes my skin look really dewy and healthy. It also smells like holidays, which is a real plus! It also photographs really well and takes the glare off my pale arms. I would highly recommend this!

  14. Samantha

    I used this product over St Tropez Self Tan Express and it was brilliant. The finishing gloss creates a nice shine without being glittery and enhances an existing tan. It is perfect for parties to add an extra boost to the legs!

  15. Olivia W

    I loved how lightweight this tan felt when applying it. The texture is like a cream and glides onto your skin, blending and buffing perfectly. It doesn’t go patchy either. It feels beautiful on I would just prefer if it ‘felt’ like it was dry sooner. I used one layer and this for me was perfect. It added a nice glow. I’m mixed race but it still noticeably tanned me. It’s not as dark as other St Tropez instant tans I have tried though.

    I did expect it to be shimmery because of the packaging and as it said it adds shine but there is no shimmer/glitter to the tan when applied to my skin. The best thing is that there is no horrible fake tan smell! It smells beautiful.

  16. Tamara

    This tan is amazing!! Such a natural effortless finish, the tan is streak free and surprisingly it has no sticky feeling after application (which a lot of other brands do) and it smells amazing to!! This tan is great for applying before a night out or a big event, definately going to be my go to for all the festive parties this year!!

  17. Alice Maclennan

    I got to try this product as part of the VIP Beauty Panel and I really love it! I am fairly pale and applied this to my skin with no other tanning product underneath and it gave a lovely subtle glow/shimmer to the skin. It applied nicely with the mitt and did not leave any streaks or go patchy. Personally I prefer a darker tan, so would use this in future over the top of a tan (either natural or fake!) to add an extra something to it.

  18. Leah Norris

    What a beautiful product, feels lovely on the skin isn’t tacky and has a nice smell x Really quick and easy to use which is even better after having a new baby and have little time to apply leaves no streaks and skin feel soft would highly recommend x

  19. Ellis

    As a pale, freckly redhead, this adds a subtle glow and shimmer without making me look too dark or bronzed.

    It applies evenly with the mitt and doesn’t smell like other tanning products I’ve tried in the past.

    Perfect for the Christmas party season!

  20. Gemma

    For a long time I have been looking for something to give me that amazing glowing look to my legs! This product is literally amazing, the application is so easy to blend and makes your legs look so long and toned. Draws attention and highlights to the right parts of the legs and they totally stand out! I wore this on a night out and so many people asked what product I used and how they felt silky smooth. It goes perfectly with the 3 hour express tan. I slept in this as I like to look very bronzed then applied the gloss an hour before I left the house!

  21. Leona

    This gives you a just back from holiday glow in a bottle! It smells amazing and unlike other instant tans it did not transfer onto my bed sheets. It has a subtle colour and gives your body a nice healthy glow instantly. It was easy to apply with the St. Tropez mitt and made my skin nice and soft. The only negative thing was that if I put alot on it did feel abit sticky so to conclude, a little does go a long way!

  22. Lisa

    As someone with very fair skin, using this product after using the express tan earlier gave my skin a perfect glow! It was so easy to apply, didn’t get all over my bed sheets and the smell was really pleasant! Another brilliant product from St.Tropez! Love it!

  23. Rebecca

    Amazing gloss, it goes on like an absolute dream in my opinion. Doesn’t streak, smells pleasantly nice! One thing I really liked is that it didn’t transfer onto my bedsheets! Such a beautiful nice hint of tan!!

  24. Ali

    I’m very pale naturally, so have used the St Tropez classic mouse for years as I love a sun-kissed look all year round.

    I got the chance to try this product for the first time last week.

    I found this dead easy to apply with the St Tropez mitt. I felt the colour was quite subtle to begin with but is easily buildable to get the desired look. It dries fairly quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all. Not only did this product add an all over radiate sun-kissed glow, but also left my skin feeling smooth and smelling great!

  25. Hannah Melling

    I usually wear gradual tan during the winter months and so was really excited to try this product out over my existing tan and it looked so good! To have a tanning product that can be worn on its own or over a tan is great, its easy to apply, slightly sticky but this isn’t really an issue, doesn’t have a horrible smell and it just gives you a healthy, golden glow!

  26. Jessica Baird

    First if I’m not a big beauty buff. I love the idea of make up and fake tan however when it comes to actually doing it I’d much rather go without as I’m lazy and would much rather spend my time doing something else.

    After using this product I feel I’ve been converted!! I managed to do my legs within 5 minutes effortlessly, even my mum was surprised how quick I’d done it.

    The results streak free, natural looking bronze and super glossy think Bruno Mars on xfactor. The product came out of the tube a nice dark brown surprisingly with a very subtle smell. Sticky to touch once applied but after it dried this was no longer an issue.

    I applied this alone and the colour was a nice natural looking brown, it would be interesting to see how it looks on top of an existing tan.

    Would I use this again? Absolutely.

    Would I buy it for someone else or recommend it to a friend? Again absolutely!!

  27. Carly Cooper

    Absolutely love this product! I used it for an instant tan boost for a night out. The product is easy to apply and my skin felt so smooth and glossy. The fragrance was lovely and it didn’t have any of that horrible usual fake tan smell! The product gave my skin a healthy subtle glow and I felt like a bronzed goddess! Definitely will be using this again and again! Huge thumbs up!!!

  28. Rachel Gilbert

    I used the finishing gloss over normal fake tan, as I love a darker colour. It finished the look perfectly, giving a beautiful glow and sheen to the skin. The slight shimmer was fantastic and looked brilliant in photos – amazing for nights out. Was very easy to blend too. It was quite sticky initially but dried down after 5 minutes or so.

    Looking forward to using it again soon!

  29. Teri-jo Rattigan

    This product is so easy to apply and is non sticky. Even coverage.. smells amazing and lasts all day! I love it, best to use to top up an existing tan. Overall I’m super happy with it!! Definitely recommend. I used this product NYE, everyone commented on my natural glow. X

  30. Phoebe

    I’m not a massive user of tan, however I used this product for the first time on my night out and absolutely loved it! It’s so easy to apply with the St.Tropez mitt and also smells so good. One thing that really stood out to me was the glow and shimmer it added to my legs but also somehow made my legs look more toned. Perfect for photos!!!

    This product will definitely be added to my beauty routine. Thank you St.Tropez for yet again another amazing product.

  31. Holly

    I used this product on top of the classic gradual tan and have been obsessed with the glow ever since. I have now used this product on a number of occasions and every time without fail someone has commented on the natural glow. I usually apply it to my collar bones and legs for extra glow which gives an amazing highlight in photo’s. It’s easy to apply ( I use a mitt) and doesn’t feel sticky or leave you with that giveaway fake tan smell. By far one of my favourite ST.TROPEZ products. x

  32. Nazia

    I have been looking for a product for ages that enhances my natural tan. I am an olive skin tone however my body doesn’t have an even tone to it, therefore I have always wanted one product that not only evens my natural tan all over but also provides a glow to my skin. This product has definitely done both for me and I am so glad I found it.

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