Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mist 200ml


This easy to apply Express self tanning mist is a perfect solution for all those hard to reach areas. Apply the self tanning mist and choose your desired shade of tan by simply deciding when to rinse off.

  • Lightweight, quick-drying & non-sticky tanning mist
  • 360 nozzle means the mist can be used upside down, perfect for those hard to reach areas
  • Quick-drying, non-sticky and hydrating with even fade
  • 100% clean, vegan-friendly and natural tanning active

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Exfoliate and moisturise dry areas, hands, feet, ankles & wrists
Spray evenly, ensuring all areas are covered and buff with a Mitt
Shower off after 1,2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade
Your desired depth of tan will develop over 4-8 hours. Top up as desired to maintain tan.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water/Eau), Dihydroxyacetone, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), Caramel, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Sodium Metabisulfite, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Melanin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, CI 14700 (Red 4), Hexyl Cinnamal, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), Citronellol, CI 42090 (Blue 1), Limonene, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Anise Alcohol, Coumarin, BHT, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

69 reviews for Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mist 200ml

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  1. Rosslyn Orr

    Now I have to be the biggest fan of your original express tan… all of my friends use it…. well move over….. now it’s in spray form, I’m in love! Not only have I done my whole body in less than 10 mins…. I can now get the harder to reach areas too… great colour again, I leave it on for 1 &1/2 hours and it’s perfectly streak free!!! So many comments on where I have been on holiday!

    You guys are the best! Thank you again for making the best tans of the market!

  2. Daniel

    Used the Express Mist last night and left it on for three hours, showered it off then went to bed. I woke up this morning and look like I have been away for a two week holiday! The colour is caramel brown, it looks natural. The smell transports you to somewhere sunny, there is no self tan smell. This is my new favourite, it’s also convenient as I can reach my back easily! it sprays at any angle. LOVE IT!

  3. Sarah Hughes

    Just fabulous! Did exactly what it says on the can.

  4. Sara

    Another fantastic product! So easy to apply and the result is a gorgeous golden brown tan!

    I left it on for around 2 hours before I showered it off, loved how it develops over the next few hours.

    Not a streak in sight! Perfect!!

  5. Patricia Stewart

    Totally loved this product best I have ever used.

    So easy to apply, dries so quickly, beautiful smell, really made me feel great and the colour was so natural.

    Looks like I have been on holiday.

    Definitely recommend.

    Thank you for choosing me for panel your products are fantastic

  6. Wendy

    I’ve never used a spray before; so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s fabulous. My skin is so pale and when I sprayed it on which took no effort at all, I panicked a bit how dark it was. I left it on 1 hour and it smells absolutely gorgeous, it washed off nice, and developed over a few hours leaving a gorgeous glow, quite natural but dark for my pale skin. Even my knees weren’t patchy. Bit difficult to spray around my shoulders, and I think I should have used gloves. My hands were a bit dark. But all in all, a quick and easy nice colour, lovely smelling product. The quickest I’ve ever used.

  7. Kelly

    Loved this Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist. Really simple to use, love that the spray had a tint to it so it was easy to see where it had been applied. I used it with the St.Tropez tanning mitt to buff the spray in once applied. Left for a couple of hours then washes it off. It left a lovely natural tan after it had developed. Great product and love how it can be tailored to the depth of tan you require. Really brilliant product!

  8. Kayleigh

    This is by far my favourite St.Tropez product. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s also lightweight and fast acting, which is especially useful if, like me, you’re always on the go. It has a tint to it, so you’re able to see where the product has hit, and apply it evenly. You get a lovely even, natural golden glow- I look like I’ve been on holiday abroad for a few weeks, it’s great! It’s such an amazing product, definitely worth getting. It leaves your skin really soft as well, which is a lovely added bonus.

  9. Christine Dodd

    This has been my most successful self tan ever – the spray is easy to use and apply. It lasted a good five days and is not too dark (I am very fair). Best of all – there is no smell!

  10. Megan Smith

    This product is great for those who want a quick tanning session. Even though the product is a mist, it doesn’t get all over your clothes / surrounding area! It’s great to apply and the mitt definitely helps to blend in. I would say, I’d like the guide colour to be a little darker to know where I’ve sprayed, but this does get darker the longer you leave it. When I shower it off it’s not like other tans, that instantly shower off, it stays on your skin without looking patchy! Beautiful sunkissed colour that can be built up, and lasts for days! Thank you St.Tropez x

  11. Lynsey

    I loved this application of tan, so easy to use and literally does what it says on the can in terms of colour strength.

    3 hours gave me a great deep tan, I was beginning to believe I couldn’t achieve this with fake tan .. now I know I can !

    No fake tan smell, easy to use and really works .. my new favourite tan !

  12. Jane P

    I used the Express Mist and left it on for the maximum suggested time of three hours as I wanted a darker looking tan. I showered it off before bed and then woke up to a lovely dark and even looking tan this morning! The smell isn’t like the usual smell you get with fake tans, it’s lovely and fresh, and the 360 mist format is perfect for those hard to reach areas. I love this product and cannot recommend it enough!

  13. Carly

    I have been using the St.Tropez Express Tan mousse for a long time now and I am hooked. The spray tan version has all of the same benefits- great guide colour, develops super quick so no time wasting and no orange sheets!

    It sprays in all directions too which is really usable. However for me it has the same issue as all other spray tans. It is messy, I end up with an orange stained bathroom. That is the only negative.

  14. Una beckett

    Okay to say this product is the summer must have is a Understatement. The colour is amazing, natural and golden which says a lot as I have really pale Irish skin, it has a tint in it so I went out with a glow and smelling beautiful while it was developing and no one could tell I had tan on. I left it on for the full 3 hours leaving me with a natural tan. It took less than 10 minutes to spray my whole body and buff with the mitt. The product dried really quickl which meant I didn’t have to wait around to get dressed. So for anyone who needs a tan which is easy and quick this product is for you. Perfect for last minute tanners x

  15. Rachel Gilbert

    On receiving this, I was a little unsure as typically I do not like spray on tans (white paint in the bathroom does not mix well!). However, I was delighted by this product. The spray is very fine, like an aerosol, and blends in easily using the mitt.

    I love a dark tan so left this on overnight, and the colour was a beautiful, dark olive – but still very natural. Unlike many other tans (I have tried a lot) it did not cling to elbows or ankles which was a pleasant surprise. Another major bonus was that very little washed off in the shower the next morning – many dark tans will apply deep but the guide colour washes off to leave a paler tan. This was not the case with this tan.

    Finally, the smell was absolutely amazing – not even a hit of tan, more a mild fragrance.

    Overall a lovely tan, which wore off well and without patchiness – full marks!

  16. Kristy Usher

    Love this! Was not too sure how this would work as I’m rather pale. Only left on for an hour and a beautiful, healthy glow developed. Going to try it for 3 hours before I go on holiday in a few weeks. The spray was quick & easy to use and the guide colour helped too. No streaks at all! I’ll definitely be buying this in the future. Thank you so much for sending this as part of the VIP panel. Looking forward to trying more new products.

  17. Jenny Williams

    I live alone, so always struggle to get my back when tanning and often have to enlist a friend to help, so the 360 degree spray was a great feature for me and I managed to do my back really well! It gave a great colour and I was really impressed with the product, as a fan of the original mousse already. One con I would mention is because of the spray, you’d probably need to apply in the shower/bath to avoid any spray that misses your body getting onto carpets/walls as it recommends spraying 20-30cm away from body!

  18. Dagmar

    I received this as part of the VIP Panel and was excited to try it, if a little nervous as I’ve never used a spray before. I needn’t have worried as it was SO easy to use. I moisturised my knees, elbows, ankles, feet and hands and applied the tan which sprays evenly and easily. I used a tanning mitt to buff the tinted guide colour in and was pleased that it dried in quickly, leaving no stickiness. A few hours later, I showered it off and was left with a perfectly even, natural looking tan and not a patch or streak in sight. A week later and my tan still looks amazing! I’m extremely pale and it’s very natural looking, my husband said I look like I’ve been on holiday, no orange hues. I definitely recommend this, easy to use and fab results, thank you St.Tropez!

  19. Michelle

    Excellent Tan. Like having a spray tan but at home in a bottle. Use in well lit room as there’s not a lot of colour to it. Used it couple of times for different times & colours. Never streaks and definitely no smell. Colour was golden no green or orange tones.

    Very quick and easy.

    You need a mitt to help rub it in better. Husband thought it was fab when he did my back lol 10 out of 10 xx

  20. Sarah Swann

    This product is amazing! Normally you have to start your tab journey a couple of days beforehand but not anymore! As an added bonus it smells delish and goes on streak free thanks to the spray. Highly recommend

  21. Lisa

    I was a little unsure at first of this product as I don’t usually like spray tans, however, I love the Self Tan Express range! This product was amazing. It smelt lovely and although I was worried about the spray, it was very easy to use and a very fine spray which went straight onto the intended area! Kept it on for 2 hours and when I showered it off it left me a beautiful golden glow! Love this – thank you St.Tropez!

  22. Natalie

    I have been a loyal user of St.Tropez for many years and each time a new product comes out I must try it. I love the mousses and I generally use the express mousse as I can apply it and wash it off before bed without having to have it all over my sheets. I used this and it is even better than the mousse, it was so quick to apply , it probably only took 10 mins max, and the finish is even better than the mousse, it looks really natural and you use less as you just sort of spray it on (I always apply too much with the mousse). I think it looks as good as a professional spray tan!

  23. Jill Nolan

    I received this product as part of the St.Tropez VIP panel and highly recommend it.

    The smell is fresh and delicate, and the guide colour is natural enough to apply the product then carry on going about your day for 1-3 hours. I LOVE having a tanning product I don’t have to sleep in. I found the application very quick and easy using the mitt alongside the spray, and the spray was great for getting to hard-to-reach areas such as the middle of the back.

    The finished tan was a lovely colour – I applied for one hour on the first use and had what I would describe as a glow more than a tan, but with a three hour application I had a deeper weeks-holiday type colour.

    I have used St.Tropez products on and off for around 12 years now and after trying others I always go back. I will definitely repurchase this tan as part of my regular self-tanning routine.

  24. Naomi Manderson

    Have tried the product a couple of times now and have been delighted with the results. I’m fair skinned but decided to leave it on for 3 hours as the first time was for a special occasion and the colour turned out amazing. Lots of people commented had a been on holiday recently as it was even and gave a healthy glow.

    The product is really easy to use with the 360 application and there wasn’t one streak in sight.

    Overall a brilliant product would highly recommend

  25. Karen

    Love this product! So easy to use, I recently went to a wedding and everyone commented on my colour and glow, very natural looking.

    Totally recommend this product, ideal for those a little unsure of self tanning.

  26. Helen Rourke

    Had the chance to trial this product as part of the VIP Beauty Panel and yet again St.Tropez didn’t fail to deliver! A great product, easy to apply & easily blended in. Can worked whichever way I sprayed it – even upside down! Noticeable difference in colour after an hour & I left it for the maximum amount of time it looked very dark. However, after showering it left a lovely tan, not a strong tan smell & had some nice comments about it. Would recommend doing this in the bathroom just so the spray doesn’t go on carpets/bedding. Great work St.Tropez!

  27. Lucy

    Simple application need to ensure that you hold it out a good ten centimetres away. There is no distinct smell, it’s easy to ensure full coverage and develops very quickly. I actually slept in mine and wasn’t too dark.

    Sprayed and ensured covereage with st tropez mitt so got a great cover and developed a healthy glow. Really is easy and as simple as apply and go so convienient

  28. Lorraine williams

    Wow. Absolutely love this product. I cant praise it enough. This was so easy to use which is great when applying false tan. The smell is really nice which is another plus. I left it on for 3 hours as I have a bit of a base colour and I look so bronzed and healthy looking which is what I was hoping for. I just love it.

  29. Nina Józwin

    I normally opt for a mousse rather than a spray so I was quite excited to have the opportunity to trial this.

    I sprayed the fine mist making sure it’s held a good 10 centimetres away which is important to remember. Using the mitt was a bonus as it gave an even coverage, I kept it on for 2 hours then showered and the glow was amazing, as I’m usually quite pale it gave me a healthy glow without any streaking at all.

    I had a lot of comments on my golden natural glow from my work colleagues.

    Would definitely purchase this product. Ideal to take away on holiday too.

    I look forward to hopefully trying further products in the future.

    10/10 St.Tropez yet again !

  30. Ellis

    I always worry about streaks and looking too dark, as a pale individual but this was just perfect!

    It left me with a natural glow, like I’d just been on holiday.

    It dried quickly and was very easy to apply. I also really like the smell.

  31. Laura M

    Where to start, 360 spray can YES, works like a dream. This is a fine dry spray. Very easy to blend on the skin with your mitt I’d recommend the St.Tropez mitt.

    The smell is heaven it’s so summery. My hubby said he loved my new perfume. He doesn’t need to know it’s my tan lol. Good buy biscuit smell hello summer sweet.

    I love a dark tan. I’m lucky that my skin takes to fake tan really well. I did a tanning course and the tutor wanted to steal me for shows. I would say, I was sparring on the first test as I’m always scared of the orange look but I shouldn’t have worried nice results. No streaking just even tan. I always leave my tan on over night. So can’t speak for light results.

    I added another coat two days after and I looked better than the last time I came back from the Caribbean. What more do you need quick application with no fuse and amazing results.

  32. A McKechnie

    As I always use the mousse or lotion this was the 1st time i have tried a spray, this was so easy to use no steaks no waste no mess smells lovely i left this on overnight as i like a darker tan washed off in the morning and left a beautiful deep colour, i would highly recommend this product it does exactly as it promises and so easy to use!!

  33. Claire

    Once again 10 out of 10 St.Tropez for another excellent product!

    This was really easy to apply and I left it on for 2 hours and the results were superb I had a lovely glow.

    I normally use the mouse but this is my new favourite and i will definitely purchase in the future.

  34. Kayleigh Tanner

    The thing I really like about this is that you can totally customise your level of tan. With other products, it can be hard to control how deep the tan goes, but with this I know I can apply it a set amount of time before my shower and know that I won’t end up with a much deeper tan than I wanted. It also smells nice and summery and is really easy to apply.

  35. Tara Davey

    I was a little worried using a spray tan from a can, I had visions of being covered in streaks but this tan is awesome.

    It’s easily apply by spraying and blending the lines with the st tropez mitt.

    I left the tan on for only 1 hour due to time restrictions but over night it carried on devloping and I was left with an fab golden glow with no streaks. It took less than 10mins to apply.

    Word of warning tho use in a well ventilated room as it has a strong smell, also stand on towel or do in a room with a hard floor (use sticky feet if doing on a hard floor as I tanned my soles) as the excess spray falls to the floor. It leaves minimal smell on your body whilst the tan is on. Excellent product long lasting tan aswell.

  36. Chloe Bainbridge

    Love how easy this is to apply and the colour was lovely and natural. I really try to avoid the fake tan look so this was perfect and mistake free!

  37. Lauren emma

    This is my first time using a spray fake tan so I was a but skeptical. It only took 10 minutes to apply I left it on for the full 3 hours and got a lovely dark tan it continued to develop during the day. Amazing product!

  38. Emma richardson

    This is great, I like how you can control how much of a tan you would like.. im quite pale so I didn’t want a full on tan and this worked well for me…

  39. Judith McConaghie

    Received this as part of the VIP beauty panel to review. I love all St.Topez products but this tan is something else. Super easy to apply and quick drying it’s smells beautiful leaving you with a fabulous tan which lasted me a week and faded perfectly

  40. Amanda

    Wasn’t sure about using a mist spray tan but was really easy to apply.

    Left for max time of 3 hours and had a fabulous dark tan.

    The smell was really nice too .

  41. Jen

    Great.. easy to use , mist is so easy and great colour

  42. Siobhan

    Really pleased with this tan, Im quite fair skinned so its great that I can choose how dark I want to go with this product. The 360 spray is really great for getting the difficult to reach places and it blends in really however its a little messy I got it all over my floor – I personally find that the moose version of this product creates less mess.

    The tan developed into a really great colour and continued to develop until the next day and lasted all week.

  43. Nancy

    I usually use the tanning mousse, which is time consuming and sometime your just don’t have the time to tan, so this product is a life saver, it smells great is easy to apply non sticky and yocan really build the tan you want, I love the fact you apply, wait and hr or so wash and go, no fuss no mess and great for those hard to reach areas

    Will highly recommend this product and have already purchased my 2nd bottle thank you St.Tropez you’ve nailed it once again !

  44. Sarah Wingfield

    I loved this product, I usually use the self tan express in the mousse format, but I think this could quickly become my new favorite, loved the way it went on very easy to apply and rubbed in nicely, pleasant smell washed off in 3hrs and hey presto an amazing golden streak free tan that lasted a week will definitely be buying this again in the future my new go to tan product

    10/10 St.Tropez you have done it again!!!

  45. Rose Curran

    A great product for any skin type. As well as leaving a lovely glow, it’s quick and easy to use. Smells great and leaves no streaks.

  46. Lucy Noble

    I normally use the bronzing mousse and have to build up the colour over a few days. The bronzing mist is really easy to apply. I left it on overnight and woke up to a lovely bronzed colour. I am really impressed and will definitely use this again.

  47. Mary Czolij

    It truly is like having your own spray tan expert at home at your request getting you great results guaranteed every time you mist – it is a MUST.

    A wiz to use with the 360 application, the fine mist leaves no area untouched, very user friendly with a fresh scent. To action simply spray, minimal buff with mitt to balance & blend (as just seems to disappear over skin so quickly & dried in super speedy time) & voila fast, effective & fabulous results. Also totally great for that fast fix if you only want to flash arms or legs solo.

    Love the fact that you can tailor make your tan for the individual you & your personal needs for every occasion from light to dark as required, bespoke Bronzing at its best.

    Perfection in a puff is what I say, highly recommended by me. Definitely a super sassy spray that helps you steal the show. You can’t afford to Spring into Summer without this one by your side.

  48. Catherine Lauris

    Wow! This product is a game changer in the world of St.Tropez! Goes on so easily and evenly. It dries quickly so doesn’t leave you with the sticky aftermath of fake tanning.

    I tanned in the morning and was a lovely golden colour within an hour – I wanted a deeper tan so left on for over 3 hours for that sunkissed glow.

    Love love LOVE this product, an absolute must for this summer! x

  49. Andrea Brooks

    I was lucky enough to receive this product through the VIP club to test and I was not dissapointed

    The spray is easy to use, smells lovely and after 1 hour left me with a dewy glow and after 3 hours a really nice bronzed tint. I love the fact you can spray this on early afternoon leave to develop for a couple of hours then rinse off and go on your night out without having to wait 4-6 hours to develop. The spray meant hard to reach places were covered in no time highly recommend

  50. Emily Holmstrom

    Another 10/10 tanning product from St.Tropez! The mist is very fine and simple to use with the 360 nozzle which makes it easy to spray those hard to reach areas. I recommend using a tanning mitt to rub it in and putting some lotion onto your knee’s and ankles etc if you have dry areas otherwise the colour can build more intently there. Highly recommend this, much easier then a mousse to apply and I love how you can manage the duration of colour developing, I left it on for 1.5 hours as I have fair skin and was really happy with my glow!

  51. Gillyfran

    I’ve used St.Tropez for many years now and always think they can’t possibly bring out a tanning product that I’ll prefer – they’ve proved me wrong again!

    The Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist is so easy to use and I love that it gives you option of how long you leave it on so get a different depth of tan. I really don’t like sleeping with self tan on and risking orange sheets so this was great as I left it on for an hour the 1st time and them washed it off before going out for the evening. Colour is very natural and has no horrible self tan scent. Not at all streaky and super quick to apply. My only tip would be to put some towels down on the floor as the spray is very fine and does feel like it sprays a much wider area than you may want so cover up surfaces before use just to be on the safe side.

    I tried for a second time and left for 2 hours and whilst I am naturally very fair skinned the colour was beautiful and not at all orange looking. Doesn’t last as long as the original but a great choice for a night out when you want some quick and easy colour. Fantastic!

  52. Emma Richardson

    This is a game changer. The 1-3 hours before washing off means no planning a night i can tan and wash off in the morning. Just apply for a couple hours, perfect TV watching excuse , let it do its work, have a quick shower then get on with your day.

    The spray i find really easy to use and can reach that elusive patch of my back i cant get to with lotion or foam. The formula is tinted so easy to see where you have applied. It was a lightweight firmula and non sticky like some other tanning lotions.

    I kept it on for two hours before washing off and the colour that developed was lovely and lasted a good 4-5 days before needing a top up.

  53. Carolyn gentle

    I never thought I’d try a flawless tanning product … but I just have !

    This product is so easy to use, I simply sprayed and left, 2 hours later I had the perfect bronzed legs I’d ever had ( No patches and odd streaks… totally perfect)

    If your nervous of tanning or want quick and easy this is the product to go for.

  54. Diane knott

    So I had the opportunity to review the new St.Tropez tanning mist. When it arrived in the post unfortunately the package was damaged so I tried it as best as I could ( I did try and contact st tropes but got no response ) I used my own glove as that was damaged. The tan itself went on very nice and did not streak at all. The colour when left on long enough was gorgeous and I would buy his again!! I personally think it needs to be left on longer than an hour or 2 for best results.

  55. Kali Filsell

    This spray tan is easy to apply, I found it easier to spray it on and then rub in with the mitt before it dries to ensure an even tan. This spray tan dries quickly and doesn’t leave any stickiness like a lot of spray tans which is great when you’re in a hurry.

    Has literally no horrid spray tan fragrance!

    Whether you need to apply on the go in the mornings, or you like to apply before bed and shower in the morning, the color stays completely natural and leaves your skin with a flawless glow.

    I also love the fact that you can choose a shade to suit yourself, if your tan is perfect for you after 1 hour then rinse off, if you prefer darker then rinse off after 2 hours but if you want to be darker still, then wait for 3 hours then rinse or just apply before bed and rinse off in the morning. To be honest I just applied in the afternoon after exfoliating and showering so I’d be tanned for my night out but unfortunately I didn’t have time to rinse off but that’s ok with this tan as it doesn’t leave that dark just tanned residue on your skin, it looks perfect if you don’t have time to rinse .

  56. Samantha Jones

    Yet another fantastic product with great results from St.Tropez. So easy to use and fab for reaching those usually difficult to get to areas. Lovely even coverage, I was left with a lovely dewy colour after application which developed into the lovely golden colour that only St.Tropez do after 3 hours. I’ve had loads of compliments, people keep asking where I’ve been on holiday – my answer? St.Tropez of course!

  57. Melissa

    St.Tropez is the only fake tan I use, and the new express bronzing mist is now my all time favourite product.

    It’s easy to use and it doesn’t have that strong fake tan smell.

    I find my tan lasts a little longer with this product too.

    Highly recommended self tan!

  58. Lisa Y

    I would recommend this. I love the fact that it is easy to apply. You still need to use moisturiser on knees, ankles etc but you get a great result. I don’t like to be too tanned so left this on for an hour and got a lovely glow.

  59. Ruth

    Excellent results from an innovative product in self tanning. Following the straightforward instructions gave excellent first time results with this spray mist that really does what it says on the tin. A lovely even colour with absolutely no streaking and a really pleasant fragrance.

  60. Carly Cooper

    This product is amazing!! It has become one of my favourite St.Tropez products and I’ve only used it a couple of times! It is so easy to apply, I would recommend using a tan mitt to apply once spraying though. The smell is very pleasant and I like how you can decide what level of tan you would like depending on how long you leave it on! I was very pleased with the results! I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and this will definitely be coming with me!! 5 star product!!

  61. Lyndsey Green

    I got to try this in conjunction with the face sheet masks and wow, I have fallen in love with both!

    After many years as a St.Tropez fan, this has to be the easiest tan I have used in the sense, I could put it on in the afternoon, and be tanned and ready to go out that evening! Top marks!

    The 360 nozzle meant my tan sprayed evenly and easily and, I found minimal buffing was needed with the mitt.

    After showering I was left with a gorgeous healthy glow that I would normally have to wait overnight to achieve!

    This is definitely a favourite for my summer beauty buys!

  62. Louise Moore

    I was lucky enough to be sent this product in exchange for a honest review.

    To be frank I was a little apprehensive (although very greatful!) to receive a self tan mist as I’m more familiar with using either a professional spray machine on others or mousse/ creams on myself. However I was keen to embrace the possibility of using a mist especially with the promise of a one hour tan! I prepped as I always do, soothing barrier cream on my feet, hands, knees and anywhere else that felt a little dry. I put a large dark towel down so I could avoid making a mess on the carpet, as I say I wasn’t quite sure what to expect once the mist got going! I started with my legs and noticed that by spraying the mist directly onto my skin, the guide colour was a little uneven so I used a St.Tropez mitt to fix this. I used the mitt very gently so the guide colour blended nicely. The smell was ok, pleasant enough but you may want to have a little ventilation in the room you’re applying the tan. I found it alot easier to apply than expected and all in all it was a pretty quick job. I decided to wait the full three hours as I like a deeper colour. When I washed the guide colour off in the shower I noticed far less product coming off than normal so I didn’t have to worry about any stains after washing it off which was good. The colour itself was lovely, a really deep golden brown and I got a lot of compliments without mentioning to anyone that I was using a new product, always the best sign in my opinion! This tan lasted about a week on my skin and faded really naturally which is a huge bonus. Very happy and would recommend this product 🙂

  63. Nicola Biven

    Unlike other brands of fake tan, this really does what it says on the tin, amazing coverage, no mess or streaks and you can develop it to suit you ! I left mine on for about an hour because I like more of a holiday glow than a full on tan and it looked so natural, I will definetly be using this from now on !!

  64. Amy Garrod

    I love this product! It is so quick to use as you can wash it off after one hour. As I have sensitive skin I struggle with products that I have to leave on for long periods of times. However as you wash this off so quickly its a great way to achieve an even tan!!! Perfect to brighten up my fair skin.

  65. Emily chamberlain

    I love how I can use this last minute!!! Sometimes I’m too lazy or forget to tan the night before an occasion where my pale legs and arms might be on show! With this however, I can do it an hour or 2 before I need to go somewhere. I love that it develops fast. The colour is really nice and like a true tan. No orange or yellow tones+ I’ve used this 3-4 times on my whole body over the last month, (the can is still feeling full) it lasts about 5-7days or 3-4 showers. It sprays on beautifully with only light use of a mitt needed to blend. The can works upside down and at all at angles. I really love this and only wish it was cheaper really as this is my new fave..(1 star less due to price!)

  66. Karen beattie

    I used the new St.Tropez bronzing mist and found it very easy to apply. I stood in the shower to apply so it was easy to wash away. It blended very easy with the mitt provided. I left it on for just over 2 hours then washed it off. It left a nice glow on my skin once it had developed. I would have liked a darker colour for going out so next time will leave it on for longer maybe even overnight.

  67. Nicole

    I love this. I’ve stopped going on the sun beds with everything that happens with those. I was once poorly from them. Since I haven’t been on. I’m naturally olive skined an go really dark once on holiday and this fake tan gives that effect. I’m so happy I got this. Was so worried paying so much for it not to work but it actually does.. it smells like mosturiser. I usually wear the Garnier Fake tan, deep. Which is good but the smell is ridiculous and it only stays good for a day, I shower every day regardless so need something that can handle that. I also needed something that wouldn’t stain my white £120 bedding… St Tropez doesn’t stain my bedding, stays on through at least 3 days of showering & then will need a gradual top up.. I don’t wash it off after 3 hours, I leave it and carry on with my day. Before I jump in bed I’ll take a body shower to wash off any remaining.. by the morning I’ve the bestest glow & deep tan look. I love it and I love the smell!!

  68. Becc

    Never leave reviews but I felt like I just had to for this product. I’m new to self tanning and was sceptical purchasing this, but the application is so easy, no mess at all and it took me 10 minutes if that to apply all over my body. It also dries so quickly, which is great because I can’t stand the sticky feeling you usually get after tanning. Left it on over night and didn’t transfer on any of my clothes, and I have been left with a lovely glow. Definitely recommend this product.

  69. Lindsey

    I bought this as I am going on a girly holiday and do not tan. It’s fab! I put it on after work, made the families tea and then washed it off. I was left with a noticeable glow that people commented on. I will definitely be taking it with me!

How do I tan my back?
Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist has a 360 nozzle, perfect for those hard to reach areas! However, our top tip is to turn the Mitt on your hand so you are applying or blending with the back of your hand vs your palm when reaching your upper back. Or try popping your Mitt on a wooden spoon for that extra reach!

What colour will I go?
Self Tan Express allows you to control the depth of tan. Simply shower off after 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade.
Your tan develops over 4-8 hours. Perfect if you want to look like you’ve spend a weekend in Paris, a week in Greece or 2 weeks in Bora Bora!

How can you see where you apply?
Our Self Tan Express range has a tint to help guide your application, so you can simply buff the tinted Mist in with a Mitt and be rest assured to have a flawless finish everytime.

How long will my tan last?
Depending on your skincare routine your tan will last up to 7 days and fade even. To get upto 3 more days of your tan, ensure to exfoliate every 2-3 days (this will also ensure an even fade) and use our Prep and Maintain Moisturiser daily to give your skin the hydration it needs.

When do I shower the tan off?
Self Tan Express allows you to control the depth of tan. Simply rinse the tint off after 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade.
Your tan develops over 4-8 hours

Which format is right for me?
If you have dry skin we would recommend our ultra-hydrating & hyaluronic infused Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel, Express Bronzing Mist has a 360 nozzle and is ideal for those hard to reach areas, while our bestselling Mousse format is perfect for those nervous or new to tanning.

This bottle & cap is 100% recyclable.

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