Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse 200ml


For trusted results in an instant, try our bestselling and multi award-winning 3-in-1 Express tanning mousse. This foolproof olive-toned formula with a tint to help guide your application, gives you a golden faux glow in as little as 1 hour.

  • Our bestselling format with no self tan smell
  • Easy to apply tinted tanning mousse for a streak-free finish
  • Quick-drying, non-sticky and hydrating with even fade
  • 100% clean, vegan-friendly and natural tanning active

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Exfoliate and moisturise dry areas, hands, feet, ankles & wrists
Pump on to Mitt and apply in long sweeping motions, overlappying layers to ensure no missed patches
Shower off after 1,2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade
Your desired depth of tan will develop over 4-8 hours. Top up as desired to maintain tan.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Dihydroxyacetone, Caramel, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Glycerin, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Decyl Glucoside, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), Melanin, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Sodium Metabisulfite, Ethylhexylglycerin, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, CI 14700 (Red 4), Hexyl Cinnamal, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), Citronellol, CI 42090 (Blue 1), Limonene, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Geraniol, Coumarin, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxycitronellal, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

46 reviews for Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse 200ml

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  1. Sinead Parker

    As a member of the VIP beauty review panel I was excited when I got word of trying this product out! Personally I can’t rate this product enough. Ive been waiting ages on St. Tropez bringing out a home version of the express salon tan. This is the ultimate solution for anyone who is either a pro or new to tanning. I would recommend this to all fake tanners out there to try this product as it goes light, medium and dark. A colour for all and on any occasion. This is thee ultimate at home tanning experience for me – one word fabulous! Thank you St. Tropez you have saved me precious tanning time!!

  2. Daniel

    Best product yet! what makes this the best is the ease of a mousse and the short leave on time.

    You have light (Gradual) one hour,

    Classic (two hours)

    Dark (three hours)

    Doesn’t smell during development!

    Remember the product continues to develop AFTER shower, you will not have full colour development just after you have rinsed the guide colour off.

    LOVE IT!!

  3. natasha allen (Natasha’s Beautique)

    As a member of St Tropez’s Beauty Panel, i have the pleasure of reviewing their products and when it comes to tanners i am a very harsh critic as in my opinion it has to be perfect…a bad tan is not a good look. After trying this i have to say they have hit the ball out of the park yet again. This does exactly what it claims to do, give you a beautiful light sun kissed tan after one hour, and becomes more intensive should you leave it for longer. Beautiful to apply, dries evenly and more importantly even though you applied it an hour before it does not stain fabrics….FLAWLESS

  4. Joanne wood

    I’m a also a member of the VIP beauty panel. This new St. Tropez tanning is just fantastic being able to wash of at the chosen colour to suit you is great…. Also not having to sleep with the tan on over night is just fantastic to. Another great product from st. Tropez. Thank you

  5. Olivia W

    I use St Tropez a lot. It is the only self tan I will use because if the quality. Normally I use the regular Bronzing Mouse which again is fantastic but this new Express Self tan is so advanced! I love the fact that it can choose how bronzed I want to be. If I only want a subtle glow then I can wash off after an hour. For me, I like a dark tan so I left mine on over night and then washed off. The results were great and I had a streak free golden glow. I was surprised at how fast it dries and you can see the tan developing before your eyes. Lots of helpful tips on the back of the bottle too.

  6. Chantelle

    I love st tropez tan and know that I will never go to another brand. I usually use the dark mousse which is fantastic. When this one came through my door I got so excited, a 1 hour tan, what more could a girl want? I like my tan dark so decided to leave it on for 3 hours before I washed it off, when I did wash it off I was left with a nice golden bronze tan. I fell in love with this product instantly and knew that I would. St tropez never fail at all with their products. I’m in love!!! Thank you st tropez 🙂

  7. Amanda Sergeant

    I tested this product for the St Tropez VIP Beauty Panel and the results were excellent! As a self confessed tanning goddess I left the mousse on for the maximum 3 hours before washing it off and it gave a lovely natural glow that continued to develop into the next day. The mousse is very easy to apply and non-drying on the skin. It lasted me a full week without having to top up. I have recommended this product to all my friends. It is particularly good for those that need to tan in a rush and as an added bonus…no stained bed sheets! Thank you once again St Tropez!

  8. Jacqueline W

    Being a beauty panel member I was really excited to road test this tan and I was not disappointed. This tan is lovely, it gives a great true believable golden brown colour rather than a fake orange hue. It dries very, fast and goes on very smoothly when using a mitt, in fact it was a joy to apply. Why only four stars then, I am being honest although it was great waking up instantly golden and with no stained sheets, for me it was a little bit of a hassle when I was settling down in the evening and then remembering (after two hours) that I had to jump,in the shower again to wash off the guide colour, I suppose this was the price to pay for looking instantly golden and smelling nice I almost forgot I only had my guide colour on. This product will be ideal for those a little afraid of tan or those who want to control the colour. I will stick with st tropez luxe oil but if that is not available this will be the thing I will reach for next.

  9. Ana Elizabeth Aguila (Elizabeth’s Beauty Blog)

    I am in love with this tan. It’s a mousse and is soooo easy to apply. I applied it with my hands as I have not bought a mitt. It’s so easy to apply and streak free! I had moisturized just before applying the tan and it just glided on smoothly.

    I left it on for 2 hours as I wanted more than a glow and I felt it dried in around 10mins. I rinsed it off with warm water as directed in the instructions and was so happy that when I towel dried none of it came off onto it. I was left with a golden glow and since the back did say it would continue to develop during 8 hours I noticed that it slowly continued to get darker.

    I felt like it definitely developed during the night and right now I am left with a gorgeous, natural, streak free golden colour. It’s super natural, it looks like you’ve been tanning without actually tanning, obviously.

    I definitely recommend this. The applicator dispenses the mousse very well and I didn’t get any of it anywhere so it’s easy and it’s fast.

    Definitely would buy this product again!


  10. Harriet Redfern (VIP Beauty Panel)

    I have tried all of the St Tropez products and this is by far the best tanning solution yet. After 3 hours my skin was left with a gorgeous glow that lasted around 7 days! I got loads of compliments about the colour, with one friend even asking if I had been using sun beds because it looked so natural. The best bit about this tan is not having to wait over night for the tan to develop. It is quick, easy to apply and a lovely colour. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a deep, natural looking tan!

  11. Laura wilkinson

    After being a sworn bronzing mousse user, I genuinely thought nothing could out do it.. But this product is fantastic!! Not only does it give you amazing, even all over coverage, but it was easy to application from start to finish..

    Even my mum has had an application & commented how lovely it looks!!

    Thanks St.Tropez you’ve excelled yourselves yet again!!

  12. Fiona Lennox

    Excellent product! Kept this tan on for 2 hours then showered.. Tan still develops on skin so in morning I had a deep tan. No more stained fake tan smelling sheets. I hate going to bed with tan on!!!

  13. Sus

    Wow! put this mousse on in a rush before a night out & kept it on for 1 hour (would have liked to have left it on for 2hours but was running short of time!) … washed it off and had a nice golden glow with absolutely NO streaks OR patchy bits!!! Result was even better when I woke up the next day. Think 1 hour is defo enough time to leave on if you have fair skin like me as it’s sooo natural 🙂 …..hopefully I will manage to be sun smart this year and not bake myself outside now that I’ve found the perfect tan!!!!!

  14. Emma Kershaw

    I can’t recommend this enough, it’s unbelievably easy to use and the results you get are amazing, it gives such a natural looking tan with no streaks and no stains on your bed sheets. It’s my new favourite self tan, I love it!

  15. Jessica Riley from The Crown Wings Blog

    I don’t think anyone could ever call me and my friends organised when it comes to a night, it’s literally decided at the last minute. Of course that always creates a bit of an issue when it comes to tanning. St. Tropez has really answer my prayers by releasing this. Now I can multi-task my last-minute night-out prep and still be glowing! As relatively fair skinned, I was so happy that I could achieve a natural tan so effortless and still look natural. With the formula being of the usual amazing high-quality, this will be re-purchased in bulk for the sake of my social life!

  16. Kellie Price

    I bought this 1 hr mousse as I am very pale & just wanted a subtle glow. I only used this on my legs as I wanted a tan to them to wear my new white playsuit. I left it on for 1 hour & it was perfect. Great thing was, I didn’t look stupid having darken legs than my body because it was so subtly golden!


  17. Jodie gardner

    I didn’t think I’d ever switch my tan from the original bronzing mousse – until I tried this when I was in a rush. Exactly the same result in half the time. Love, love, love it!!

  18. Sarah Kirkham

    I love a nice tanned look but not too obvious and this is perfect for that! People have asked if I have been away! I leave it on for the full 3 hours and gives a fab deep tan, it doesn’t smell or streak it’s just brilliant!

  19. Jennie Hylton

    I went to buy my normal St Tropez dark mousse and saw this product, so thought I would give it a try as I hate getting tan all over the bed sheets and having an uncomfortable night’s sleep-plus this means that I can top my tan up easily on holiday (being pale and not wanting to age my skin in the sun, I don’t tan that easily).

    I am quite fair, but love the deep colour that the dark mousse normally gives that suits my skin tone so well: I left the express mousse on for just over 2 hours and washed it off to reveal a light colour and went to bed. In the morning I woke up and was astonished by the deep colour that had developed over night! Really impressed! The only slight thing is that my husband commented that he thought it looked a different colour to normal and I do think that the colour is slightly more golden than my usual dark tan. However it is so even and makes skin look flawless.

    4 stars due to the colour- it looks really good- but the tone of the tan is slightly orange compared to my normal dark St Tropez tan.

    Now all I need is a product to protect my tan on holiday when I go in the pool please- as after just one dip it disintegrates.

  20. Danielle

    I love to be tanned but got fed up with the ruined clothes and sheets, but I saw a review from a blogger of this product so thought I’d give it a go! People are stopping me at work asking where I’ve been on holiday, I didn’t expect it! I’ve never had such a natural looking tan, no orange hands and still white sheets. I love this stuff! Never stop making this if you do let me know in advance so I can stock up! 🙂 xxx

  21. Lindsay Stanley

    Already a devout St Tropez fan, I honestly didn’t think anything would come close to the classic tan mousse, but this express tan is AMAZING! Instantly you get a beautiful golden tan that smells gorgeous, and can be washed off after only 1hr to leave you with a stunning sun kissed tan. After 2hrs it deepens, and after only 3hrs you have a deep golden tan which lasts and lasts. I can’t recommend this tan highly enough, it really is wonderful.

  22. Lisa Wyn Morgan

    At first, I thought this tan was a bit hit and miss – 3 hours to get a dark tan? Pfft! I usually use 2-3 layers of the Dark Mousse over a period of a few days to get my desired super dark tan. After 3 hours of the Express Tan, the colour was pretty good.. Not as dark as I was expecting, so I applied another layer for another 3 hours and the colour was just right. This tan is super handy for people who want a quick fix tan. But if you’re looking for a super dark tan in a few hours, apply 2 layers of the Express Tan or use the Dark Mousse over night. I also top up with the St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser and Gradual Tan Lotion!

  23. Jacquelined

    Love this tan! I kept it on for the 3 hours and it continued to develop once washed off. The colour is gorgeous! It’s so easy to apply, dries quickly, doesn’t smell bad either and when applied it does not look as bad as other tan products so poppi…

  24. Lauren

    I am so impressed with this product. It is the only self-tanning product I have used that did not become streaky or uneven. There is no orange color to my tan and no unpleasant odor. Will definitely be purchasing over and over again. Thank you!

  25. Charlotte

    When I first heard about the new 1hr tan by St.Tropez, I didn’t believe it, but one of my close friends had used it & she said it was amazing. And I agree, I used to hate sleeping in tan, that horrible sticky feeling & your entire bed sheets smelling of tan…. But now I have found my 1 true love in fake tan, I use it all the time. Please continue to make it, if be lost without it :).

  26. Louise

    I used the instant after years of using original and to start with I wasn’t that impressed….it wasn’t as dark as the original….then as the hours ticked by it started to develop… increased in colour but a beautiful golden colour that looked so natural…you would never know it was fake…not even the original looks that natural. I used it before going on holiday as didn’t want to get my white legs out…also concerned about sun damage….I did sun bathe and yes I did use sunscreen but for some reason it work as a sun block…I did not burn (38 degree heat) at all….and it intensified the tan…my friends said that’s because the sun has tanned me but once the tan worn off a day or two when I got home i was still lilly white underneath, the sun didn’t tan my skin at all!!….downside tho my friends are still tanned and I’m still very white!! But for fair and pale skin people that burn easily I would strongly suggest using this on holiday instead of sunbathing to get a tan…..but can’t fault it!!…fab product!!!

  27. Liene

    Let me start by saying that I have a very pale and sensitive skin. I’ve avoided fake tan for years, but, after trying the Gradual In Shower Tan, Gradual Tan Face Lotion and Prep&Maintain stuff, was encouraged to give another St. Tropez product a try. To my surprise, my body was actually getting a pleasant glow, no streaks or orange patches and the tan is fading nicely. Highly recommend!

    However, I made a mistake of applying this to my face (mixed with moisturiser and I did prep it perfectly)… I’ve suffered from acne for years, but for the past months my skin had improved, no breakouts and no sensitivity due to proper care and antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, even with the moisturiser, the skin on my face absorbed the tan a lot faster and developed the colour so rapidly, I had to exfoliate before leaving the house. After exfoliating, the result, I have to admit, was nice, the same as my body. So I just figured that I should apply less mousse on my face and give it less time in the future. To my disappointment, it has been nearly a week, and my acne is back after using this, worse than ever.

    To sum up, I highly recommend this for the body and loved it, but you have to be extremely careful when applying on the face. Also, having my acne worsen this bad due to a skin product has made me re-evaluate price vs quality on this one (I have used different tanning products on my face and have never had this experience).

  28. Isabella

    At first use, I wasn’t impressed because after waiting 3 hours and washing off the guide colour, my skin remained as pale as I was before, which really wasn’t ideal as I had an important event that night which I wanted to be really dark for. That’s when I realised that after washing the guide colour off, it is best to wait a further 7 hours or so as the tan continues to develop over this time. I have found that when using this the day before I want to be tanned and washing it off before sleeping provides the best results as I wake up with a deep, golden tan and no stained bedsheets, which was a problem I had with traditional tans. This has now become my holy grail tan, it applies incredibly smoothly with no patches and lasts a full week on my skin. The scent when applying is lovely, I do find that when reacting with my skin there is a slight scent, however I think this is unavoidable. Overall this tan is great as it has all the benefits of regular St Tropez tan with added flexibility of colour.

  29. Jess @

    I was given this St.Tropez Dark Tanning Mouse to try and was really impressed with it. I normally use the normal mouse and I would fear using the dark as I wouldn’t want to be too dark. But I loved the colour and it wasn’t; too dark, but gave me enought depth of colour to not have to layer up the product which is what I tended to do with the normal Mouse.

  30. Adele

    No exaggeration with the review title! This product is a serious game changer. As a St Tropez veteran I have wanted, nay NEEDED, this product for a long time without even knowing. I must admit the first time I used it I left it on for just 2 hours and then had a really hot shower (rookie mistake) so I didnt see any benefit. Second time round I left for exactly three hours then showered off and voila, lovely golden tan; very similar in darkness to the regular bronzing mousse after a full 8 hours. I then went to bed and woke up the next day to an even more golden tan as it had developed a little more overnight. This product is perfect for a tan in a hurry; Ill buy it again and again. The only thing to mention is that I found it a little harder to blend meaning I had to use more product than I would with the regular bronzing mousse. I would also advise to take care when tanning hands and feet given that the formula is slightly less blendable its easier to make mistakes on the more intricate areas.

  31. Francesca

    I first saw it advertised last year in heat magazine on the lovely Kate Moss and as a beauty geek i rushed out to buy it straight away and i’m very glad i did. This product is great, easy to apply, no streaks and best of all no more messy sheets! I apply it once a week with latex gloves and leave to develop for up to 3 hours and then wash off in the shower, the tan will seem a bit light to start with but carries on developing for the next couple of hours and leaves you with a golden brown tan. It does what it says on the bottle, applied correctly you can easily get 4 full body applications. This product also fades naturally through out the week no scrubbing necessary.

    I’ve been using tan since the age of 18 i’m now nearly 26, i also suffer with psoriasis which everyone who knows doesn’t mix well with fake tan. I’ve tried every tan on the market from instant to gradual from low end to high end, this hands down is the best I’ve ever used.

  32. Katie

    I LOVE this tan! That is literally all that needs to be said to anyone who asks me what I think about this product. I have tried most fake tans as someone who has been tanning for years, and I have never found a tan as perfect as this. There are two main reasons why I love this product

    1. The colour.. I personally leave this tan on for the whole 3 hours as I love a dark tan. This tan has the perfect bronze look whether you leave it on 1,2 or 3 hours, the colour has not got even one hint of orange or the green colour some tans give. It literally gives the perfect bronze tan everyone is always searching for.

    2. The time! I love the fact I can put this on a couple of hours before I go out and be tanned. This is great for those spontaneous nights out that you haven’t already tanned the night prior for. I also personally hate going to bed all sticky in tan and waking up with tan smudged all over my pillows. This tan allows me to put it on a couple of hours before I go to bed and then wash it off and wake up like a bronzed goddess as the tan continues to delevop for another 8 hours after you wash it. It also means because I washed the tan off the night before you don’t end up smelling of biscuits the next day!

    This tan is 100% my holy grail of tan and I would recommend this product to anyone.. If your have any hesitations on this forget all of them and buy it because you will be so glad when you do!

  33. Megan

    I brought this tanner after seeing it on the website and thought it looked and sounded amazing as I could finally have a tanner that I didn’t have to sleep in! I like the fact it was a mouse as I think it’s easier to apply than lotion, the smell wasn’t bad better than other tanning products I have used but still a slight tanning smell and I felt sticky for the hole 1 hour even though I let myself dry completely before getting dressed (which was annoying). The first time I used this product I only left it on for an hour as I get scared that I might go orange or really dark so I thought I would do it gradually, I applied it as I would any other mousse tanner all over my body (Including my face) and I was happy that I could see where I had missed due to the mousse being pretty dark. I then washed it off after an hour with just my normal shower gel, after showing you can tell a difference as it takes up to 8 hours to develop so then went to bed hoping to wake up to a nice light tan and I did on most parts of my body… My face and legs were a really nice colour and I didn’t have any streaks to my feet but my hands were a different story my hands looked horrible they were streaky and patchy for some reason yet this has never happened before with other tanners. Also my belly didn’t seem to tan as well as everywhere else, but I gave it another go and this time I left it on for 2 hours and barely applied any to my hands just a tiny bit I then washed and went to bed. I woke up with a nice tan and my hands look better than the first time so I was happy but the only problem I found that is if you leave it on for 2 or more hours (I haven’t left it on for 3 yet) it does streak if you don’t exfoliate everywhere everyday and apply lotion but apart from that it is a good product the only real down side is that you have to be really careful when applying to hands.

  34. Ruth

    I LOVE this mousse!! A friend of mine has such an amazing tan that I thought she used a sunbed. When she told me she used this mousse I was gobsmacked and had to try it!! It is quite expensive but goes a long way. It doesn’t have that horrible chemical type fake tan smell which is a bonus! It feels wonderful to apply but does take a bit of blending in places. I’ve never gone streaky with it, I just get a lovely golden glow. Buy!!

  35. Kate Constable

    I started off with the Classic when I started tanning and then moved on to this to quicken up my tan time. Just like the classic the tan always comes out flawless and the mousse makes it quick to apply. It really is amazing and my friend has already gone and got one from trying mine! Everyone has always complimented me on my tan when I use it and being able to do it in 1-3 hours makes it even better when I have last minute plans. LOVE.

  36. Rachel

    Prepping for my birthday and had painted my nails got my outfit ready and totally forgot about my tan! Normally use the one you leave on for 6-7 hours so rushed to boots and brought this one (only ever use St.Tropez think it’s the only that doesn’t streak and is easy to apply) boom one hour later my legs are the perfect shade of Bronze and I was ready to celebrate my birthday! Thanks St.Tropez, this is a lifesaver for forgetful minds like me!

  37. Abi

    I was sceptical about this when I was using it as after an hour, once I’d had a shower, I couldn’t see much difference. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. I woke up the next morning to the perfect tan that wasn’t so dark that it was hella obvious I’d tanned the night before AND it doesn’t smell of tan OR coconut as some other brands do. I’m obsessed with this product. Now that I know that it continues to develop once you’ve had a shower, I’ve started using it whilst I’m getting ready to go out. By the time I’m ready, I’m a perfect bronze!

  38. Nicki

    In love with this product. I had never used fake tan before this and my friend introduced me on New Years Eve. This is perfect for any occasion and love how you can tailor it to how dark you want to be. Easy to apply and fades nicely. A definite must have!

  39. Simi

    I’ve tried many self tan mousses but the express advanced bronzing mousse has got to be THE best! Not only am I able to achieve flawless tan so quickly but also don’t have any horrible chemically smells going onto my skin in the process. Absolute must for anyone who always leaves their tan to the last minute!

  40. Susie

    This product has all the benefits of the Classic Bronzing Mousse but with an even fast application time! Same, tanned results but just in a fraction of the time! A must have for me now!

  41. Louise

    I am a beauty therapist so looking nice and golden helps, plus being in the industry I’ve tried out soooo many self tans for personal use… never have time for myself also being a new mum I don’t want to be sat all night developing a tan.. so this quick and easy is a must have! Gorgeous colour.. the most even look I’ve ever used!

  42. Nicola woodall

    Was really nervous about using this tan due to other reviews. I normally like st Tropez dark tan as I like to get as dark as possible. But hate the sleep in issues! So I tried this. I left it on around 4 hours then showered off in plain water (no shower gel) and although not as deep as others it gave a stunning gorgeous golden tan that I am so in love with. I seriously will use this in the future. My normal stubborn legs had a more even tan than ever and more colour. It is also a really even tan but I agree with other reviews to be careful and take more time applying it. In terms of smell it had a nice perfume smell and didn’t get that awful false tan smell either.

    Well worth the money and it saves time! X

  43. Nicole

    I have used a range of fake tans across the years and this is by far the BEST! I love that you can choose how dark you want it, no smell, no sleeping with it on and a lovely even tan! Always get compliments on how great a colour it looks! (I keep on for 1.5 hours) last a good couple of days too with out the usual bityness when coming off. Highly recommend!

  44. Rachael Connor

    I have used every fake tan out and this is without a doubt my favourite! I put it on at night and leave it on for 3 hours and wash off before I go to bed. When I wake up I have a gorgeous deep golden tan and its not on my sheets! I cant reccomend it highly enough and I cant see myself changing tan anytime soon!x

  45. Becky Coakley

    This Tan is the best one i have ever used! never any streaking or patches, amazingly brown natural colour. lots of compliments on my tan even from my family without realising it was fake! I will never use another tanner again!

  46. Libby

    My boyfriend and I have tried lots of tanning products. We are both very pale with dark hair so we generally always tan before a holiday so as not to blind the locals…

    We’ve tried gradual tans, in-shower tans, pre-shower tans, no-wash-off tans. All with mortifying results and patchy orange skin.

    This tan however, is the only one we’ve managed to find which delivers even coverage, which isn’t streaky or patchy, doesn’t darken particular areas (like knees or elbows) and has a more natural colour which isn’t orange-y.

    I generally leave it on for 1.5 – 2 hours and my bf leaves for 1 hour. The result is perfect.

    The only reason we have tried alternatives, is because it is quite inconvenient and requires a whole evening dedicated to tanning! Whilst you have the tan on, your skin it sticky and it feels hot and sweaty. It does transfer to clothes, so you have to be careful ( we have dedicated towels we wrap ourselves in). And it can look quite scary before washing off as some areas look patchy – but you have to trust it and be patient, sit on a towel and don’t get wet or sweaty and it’s worth it in the end.

How do I tan my back?
Our Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist has a 360 nozzle, perfect for those hard to reach areas! However, our top tip is to turn the Mitt on your hand so you are applying or blending with the back of your hand vs your palm when reaching your upper back. Or try popping your Mitt on a wooden spoon for that extra reach!

What colour will I go?
Self Tan Express allows you to control the depth of tan. Simply shower off after 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade.
Your tan develops over 4-8 hours Perfect if you want to look like you’ve spend a weekend in Paris, a week in Greece or 2 weeks in Bora Bora!

How can you see where you apply?
Our Self Tan Express range has a tint to help guide your application, so you can simply buff the foam in with a Mitt and be rest assured to have a flawless finish everytime.

How long will my tan last?
Depending on your skincare routine your tan will last up to 7 days and fade even. To get upto 3 more days of your tan, ensure to exfoliate every 2-3 days (this will also ensure an even fade) and use our Prep and Maintain Moisturiser daily to give your skin the hydration it needs.

When do I shower the tan off?
Self Tan Express allows you to control the depth of tan. Simply rinse the tint off after 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade.
Your tan develops over 4-8 hours

Which format is right for me?
All our tans are suitable for all skin types. However, if you have dry skin we would recommend our ultra-hydrating & hyaluronic infused Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel. For hard to reach areas, our Express Bronzing Mist has a 360 nozzle, while our bestselling Mousse format is perfect for those nervous or new to tanning.

This bottle & cap are 100% recyclable. Simply remove the pump which is not quite recyclable yet and dispose of it in general waste. We are working on making the pump recylable.

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