Tan Build Up Remover & Exfoliating Mitt

This specially designed Tan Remover Mitt effectively and easily removes fake tan and buffs away dry skin, leaving it ready to apply the your next self tanner.

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Use on wet skin in gentle circular motions with your regular bath or shower products. Apply extra pressure or use with Tan Remover Mousse for elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hand or where tan build up is obvious. To correct tanning mistakes, dampen skin then use your index finger inside the mitt and apply to the affected area.

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  1. Daniel

    In my experience of removing unwanted tan build up this is the best way to do it! This mitt is fantastic when it comes to any old tan that needs to be removed. It is also a great pre tanning prep for when you want to apply a fresh layer of tan.

  2. Melanie Pound

    This is absolutely AMAZING! I am a religious dark tan user, and I mean dark. I always always always struggle to get my tan off and I’ve tried everything, believe me when I say everything. Lemon, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, toothpaste, exfoliation, scouring pads and even to such extremes as to try some cleaning products.To no avail. Other than completely tearing my skin to shreds. I purchased this about 2 days ago, and I’m completely astonished, it literally wiped away my old tan, and I mean wiped away.. I even went as far to take a video and show my friends! Literally amazed, I was shocked as the material of the mitt is completely the opposite to what I’d imagined. More of a floppy material like texture, almost like chiffon. Whereas I was imagining a super rough, stiff, skin scouring type. Didn’t need to scrub hard with it at all. I can’t emphasise enough how happy I am. My old tan literally WIPED away. Brilliant. 5*

  3. Helen

    This tan remover mitt is fab that I bought, I use it along side the ST Tropez body polish and ST Tropez moisturizer, then shave etc 24 hours before tanning, although I have done it straight before tanning, suppose it does work, it compares to the cheap copy tan San Moritz you can get in pound shops, so if you can try 24 hours before it is worth it what I’ve found the hard and expensive way, by using different brands for example fake bake polish, with sienna tan, it’s good to stick with the same brand if you are wanting a beautiful natural holiday look, so I sat down and did lots of research to find the brand I was going to build my collection, and S.Tropez wins hands down for me. you won’t be disappointed if you buy it, I’ve used it maybe 4/5 times and followed the washing instruction and it still looks brand new, don’t put it in the washer

  4. Aimee

    My friend recommended this to me and I was a bit sceptical because nothing really works for removing my tan but I thought I’d give it a go any way because I was kind of giving up hope. So I purchased it and used it in the bath with just bubbly hot water and it literally just wiped off the remains of my dry, old, patchy tan and I didn’t even have to scrub hard which was what I was expecting. I’m honestly so happy I purchased this mit and it is also so cheap! Couldn’t fault it in any way what so ever. Everyone that tans should have one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!

  5. Em

    I’ve tried every possible remedy on the internet for getting tan off, lemon sugar baking soda toothpaste and every tan remover mitt in the world… i had MONTHS of cheap tan build up cause i apply multiple times a week and this took it right off before my eyes you can literally see it coming off every time you scrub… had it months now and still works fine… best thing i ever purchased

  6. Hannah Ogilvie

    I have tried everything in the book to get layers and layers of cheap tan off but nothing seems to work. I needed something i knew would work as i apply i regularly and i cannot reccomend this product enough as it literally took off six layers of cheap tan in one shower, best removal product ever!!

  7. Sian

    This mitt was fantastic at removing tan build up on my dry areas such as elbows and knees. I used whilst showering off the guide colour and was left with a really natural tan without any darker dry patches. I have also since used this mitt to buff off the tan to reapply my next one and it has saved so much time and effort whilst making my skin really soft and ready for my next application. Highly recommend and must have if you use any tanning products regularly.

  8. Laura Harris

    Quick, easy, thorough….what more could you ask for?! It does exactly what it says on the packet. Brilliant!

  9. cerys Drayton

    My skin feels amazing! My tan is removed and I love the fact that its reusable – It’s a must for regular tanners, every bathroom should have one!

  10. Georgia S

    I used this to tackle tough spots with the St Tropez tan remover. Works so well and doesn’t hurt or irritate like other similar products.

  11. Olivia

    This mit is a must have with the tan remover from St Tropez! It works gently to remove that fading or excess tan! Easy to use!

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